men's rights in abortion?

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> >The children, by law, are still yours and still your financial
> >responsibility.
> FINE then Give me what is mine and I will care for them.

No. it doesn't work that way.
You produced them, you pay for them.
Your past deed is what makes you responsible - not your current, personal
whims and desires.
For all we know, they were taken away from you because you abused them.
That abuse makes you an unfit parent, but does not absolve you of financial

> >The only unfairness is when, and this is happening to a friend,
> Who makes the most money means nothing.   When the law takes or a
> woman takes everything for herself then she can damn well pay all the
> bills.  I don't pay people to burn my life down.

Your children did not burn your life down, yet you would punish them for it.
Sounds like maybe you were an unfit parent.

> > would go to jail and stay
> >> there before I let the law steal my money.
> >>
> >
> >Merely your opinon, not law ... or even rational.
> >You do not absolve yourself of that responsibility merely by getting
> >because you may have been screwed.
> Laws are made to be broken.  I am not bound to obey an unjust law.

and you, as an individual, are not the detrmining factor on what makes an
unjust law.
No; you are not bound by it any more than any other criminal - but you will
pay the penalties.

> If it don't live in my house I am not supporting it. That goes for
> women, kids, dogs, and cats.
>   Michael

Then you will pay the price, somehow.
You keep whining about how unfair this is to you.
I feel nothing for you, but I do feel for your kids; the victims of your
obsessive selfishness.

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