men's rights in abortion?

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> On Thu, 28 Nov 2002 10:25:14 -0700, Bob <bobx23456 at> wrote:
>>That's disappointing.  I would like to think that men are more 
>>concerned about our children than that.
> Yes it is nice to fantasize but first and foremost in the mind of most
> men is sex.  

I don't think you know the mind of most men at all.  Most men I 
know are very concerned about their children.

> KIds and puppies are cute and fun to play with.  And
> If it is in my house I feed them.
>     But when a woman screws me and then screws me out of my children,
> Home, car, furniture and packs up pussy to leave, she gives up any
> right to my protection or money.

For most of human history she had no right to take a man's 
children from his home.  That "right" is a radical feminist 
change only during the most recent century. It destroys families 
and hurts children.  She ought not have that right still.

>>. Law in many places does not allow a 
>>mother to waive the "child's" right to have mom take dad's money.
> The child only has a right to my money and protection if it lives in
> my house. The law has no business in it. I would go to jail and stay
> there before I let the law steal my money.
> Michael

The feminazi law gives all right to women and no rights to men 
these days.  Men need to take back our families by whatever means 


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> leading the blind...
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