men's rights in abortion?

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>> > > >The children, by law, are still yours and still your financial
>> > > >responsibility.
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>> > > FINE then Give me what is mine and I will care for them.
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>> > No. it doesn't work that way.
>> > You produced them, you pay for them.
>> unless your a women who can abort or have them adopted.
> True.
> I never said I liked the system, or thought it was fair; only that there
> is no way to be completely fair to everyone involved.
True, but it can be fairer. If the woman has the choice of abortion or 
having the child and giving it up for adoption without financial 
obligation, then why not some similar rights for the man.

First, the right to parenthood: the father should have the right to take 
custody if the woman chooses adoption. For most states men do not have this 

Second, the right to quasi-abortion: the father should be able to say he is 
unwilling to be a father. If the woman goes ahead and has the child, then 
the man would not be financially obligated.
>> > Your past deed is what makes you responsible - not your current,
> personal
>> > whims and desires.
>> unless your a women who can abort or have them adopted. or if thats
>> too much trouble put them in a dumpster
> Now you're just getting sick.

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