BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> ><> Yeah, but those Catholics (especially the Roman version) won't quit
> ><> burning incense to the queen of heaven.  That practice and those
> ><> type folks have been around for scores of centuries.  You just can't
> ><> "vote them out" or pass an Executive Order.  You either have to
> ><> expell them or throw down their altars and smash their idols, or
> ><> both.
> ><>
> ><> Jd
> ><>
> ><>
> ><
> ><Thank you for those excellent points, Jd.
> ><
> ><You may be correct that the most anti-Holy Bible force in this putative
> ><Christian nation is the Catholic Church.  otoh, it may have been this
> ><compromise between patriarchy and matriarchy (ie., the worship of the
> ><"Virgin Mary" rather than God and Christ) that enabled the Catholic
> ><to grow to a sixth of the world's population.  It's certain that the way
> ><Catholicism is implemented in South America in no way resembles the
> ><Holy Bible.
> ><
> ><What caused the Catholic Church to make this compromise between
> ><and Christianity is that Indians, niggers, and latrinos just don't have
> ><intellect necessary to grasp real Christianity.
> >
> >
> >I take it then you feel that the Irish and the Italians also "just
> >don't have the intellect necessary to grasp real Christianity".
> >
> >
> >
> >-- cry
> It proves that since he also critcizes white folks, John isn't a
> racist by the definiton of the word.  It also proves that "liberals"
> are full of hate and intolerance even though they lie and say the
> aren't, all in order to oppose anyone's free speech who adheres to
> the HOLY WRIT of God.
> Jd

Yup, "liberals" really HATE anybody who isn't "tolerant".

But Christians DO believe in "tolerance"--they believe that "liberals"
should just TOLERATE the fact that this is a Christian nation, and they can
just haul their .sses off to Madagascar if they can't TOLERATE it );

That's real tolerance.  Caving in to sodomites isn't "tolerance"--it's
political blackmail.

John Knight

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