Re. brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> >There's caucazoid, mongoloid and such.  And it certainly is biological.
>> There is no scientific basis to those categories.  To the extent that
>> they were once presented as "biological," they have been debunked.
>Isn't that like essentially stating there is no biological basis for
>different skin colour and different facial structure?

No it isn't. Not all people with a particular skin color are of the
same race, and not all of the same race have that skin color.
Likewise, any particular facial structure feature is also found in
multiple races, and no race has all of its members with the same
facial structure.

The best we can say about racial features is that people of the given
race "usually" have one or more of them, and "often" have several in
combination - the latter being the reason they are classified by


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