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> > Do you know what happened in the US in the last six weeks?
> >
> > 2,077 AMERICANS were murdered!
> > 4,846 AMERICANS died in traffic accidents!!
> > 3,566 AMERICANS committed suicide!!!
> > 2,890 AMERICANS died of cirrhosis.
> > 3,592 AMERICANS died of AIDS.
> > 7,127 AMERICANS died of diabetes.
> > 9,661 AMERICANS died of the flu and pneumonia.
> > 62,254 AMERICANS died of cancer.
> > 84,691 AMERICANS died of heart disease.
> >
> >
> > Add it up.  This is 180,704 dead AMERICANS.  This is 36,141 TIMES as
> > dead Americans as dead jews in JUST the last six weeks, and 30 TIMES as
> > as died in the WTC.
> > COMBINED, all 180,704 dead AMERICANS got less news coverage than 5 dead
> > jews.
> =============
>   How many people notice that you compared the enormous stats of
> Americans who died FROM NATURAL or COMMONPLACE CAUSES with the number
> of Israelis specifically killed by Arab terrorism?
>    We could, of course, compare the number of Americans who died in
> those six weeks, with those Americans whose death is specifically
> attributable to terrorism in the last 18 months - which would include
> the Sept. 11th attacks - and of course American casualties from
> terrorism would also be dwarfed (about 9% of the natural/common
> causes).  Yet we consider the Sept 11th deaths sufficient to mount a
> war in Afghanistan.
>    As for this war killing Afghanis and Arabs who never heard of the
> World Trade Center, well, I bet a whole lot of people who worked at
> the WTC couldn't find Afghanistan on a map even if you offered them
> $20.

John, You forgot one statistic.  For all the 180,704 dead Americans in six
weeks, that means 1,204,694 dead Americans in one year.  That means that
according to David ben Gurion/B'nai B'rith/Simon Wiesenthal statistics, that
is just over one sixth of the "6 million Jews" holocaust hoax.  That means
in six years, more Americans die of non-war deaths or non-atrocities related
deaths than Jew Hitler and Jew Eichmann "killed" in 14 years of Nazi
Germany.  This also accounts for the FACT that according to JEWISH sources,
the number of post-WW2 Jews GREW!!!

Once again, sir, you have disproven the holocaust hoax through simple math
and logic.  You have again proven that the Jews have no more value for human
life than they have for the life of a worm.  Never mind the fact that the
Jew-owned Nazi Party bankrutped Germany, mutilated 48 million Christians
defending our homelands, including Americans, and wound up decimating their
own beloved German People, to the point where 12 year olds commanded
Battalions in Berlin during the final siege.

Never mind that 3 American nurses working for the Red Cross were killed at
Dachau.  Never mind that Christian Pastors were concentrated in the
Priesterblochen and were killed with gays, gypsies, and retards before any
Jews were touched.  Never mind that German-looking Jewish girls were sent to
SS and Waffen-SS Officers to be used as prostitutes.  Never mind that
prostitutes in the Bezirkskampfen were kept for German Soldiers as what they
called the "Joy Division", and that many were SPARED their lives because of
their sexual prowess.

John, you have once again disproven the holocaust hoax in spades, by proving
that even if 6 million Jews were killed in WW2, many more millions of
Americans of every stripe were killed in less than half the time of Hitler's
Reichskanzlerei.  Thank you.  Maybe now some sense will be knocked into cary
kittrell, Bob LeChevalier, Lance O. Lake, and Parse Tree.

Keep up the good work.


Richard C. August

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