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brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at lojban.org
Sun Oct 13 20:10:34 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at polbox.com> wrote:
>> You can't read.  You are not plural, and you do not and did not
>> comprehend Christianity.
>As if though we need a jew to "interpret" what Christianity is?

We Christians certainly don't need YOU to tell us what we believe in.

>> >We moved to this continent less than 500 years ago and within 400 years had
>> >developed one of the most successful economies on the planet, with world
>> >class educational institutions,
>> You are referring to those public schools you so often decry?  The
>> ones that have mostly been taught by female teachers ever since there
>> have been schools?
>No, I'm talking about the schools that existed for almost 2,000 years

That clearly is NOT what you are talking about, since you are
referring to world class educational institutions that developed AFTER
we moved to this continent 500 years ago.

There were no educational institutions on this continent that have
existed for almost 2,000 years, and indeed there were no such
educational institutions in Europe that have existed for almost 2,000

>Mr. Jefferson proposed THREE YEARS OF PUBLIC EDUCATION, which were run by
>Christian MEN

Nothing in his proposal mentioned Christians OR men running public

>just as the Holy Bible instructs us to,

The Holy Bible does NOT say that there should be three years of public

>I'm not talking about the American "public" "schools" run by women who
>managed to, in less than half a century, degrade our schools to such a state
>that they now produce morons like you and the world's LOWEST TIMSS scores.

Except of course that women were the vast majority of schoolteachers
for a lot more than the last half century.  As far back as 1870, which
is the oldest data I can find, women were more than 60% of all

>> >the most advanced R&D ever known,
>> Recognizing that most of those scientists graduated from
>> aforementioned public schools, and a significant percentage of them
>> are among the Jews that you hate.
>This all occurred BEFORE there were any jews permitted into science, law,
>medicine, or government,

Jews have been in all of those as long as this country has existed.
(The most competent of the cabinet officials of the Confederacy was a
Jew, Judah Benjamin, credited by many with keeping the Confederacy
operational as long as it lasted.  He was also the second Jewish
Senator, the first being David Levy Yulee starting in 1841).  And this
country was not in the forefront of R&D until the last century when
Jews were common in all of the above. The first Jewish Supreme Court
justice was Brandeis, starting in 1916.

>and BEFORE our "public" schools became the insane
>assylums they are today.

No, that is where YOU live.

>Being as we're now 17th and dropping fast,


>you may not even be able to
>remember that it was just in 1965, a mere 37 years ago, that the US had the
>world's highest per capita income.

I suspect this is false.

>> >and the once highest personal savings level ever.
>> Prove it.  Americans have never been savers.
>According to the federal government, our personal savings rate in 1944 was
>26% of disposable personal income,

Talk about lying with statistics.  Personal savings was exceptionally
high during WW II because 1) there were shortages and hence not a lot
to spend things on, and 2) there was a big push for savings in the
form of war bonds.

Here are the numbers

1929 4.7%
1930 4.3%
1931 4.0%
1932 -0.8%
1933 -1.5%
1934 1.2%
1935 4.2%
1936 6.4%
1937 6.2%
1938 2.2%
1939 4.7%
1940 5.9%
1941 12.4%
1942 24.4%
1943 25.8%
1944 26.3%
1945 20.6%
1946 10.1%
1947 4.7%
1948 7.3%
1949 5.2%
1950 7.2%

>but was down to a NEGATIVE 8.5% by 2000

Nope.  Using the same source (so that the calculation is consistent),
the savings rate did not actually go negative, but did go as low as
0.3% in October 2001.  But in August 2002 it was back up to 3.6%

1994 6.1%
1995 5.6%
1996 4.8%
1997 4.2%
1998 4.7%
1999 2.6%
2000 2.8%
2001 2.3%

Here is the data showing how the savings rate is calculated (this is
the quarterly and not the annual rate).
For the annual data back to 1929:
and we see that in that record 1944 year, the total personal savings
was only 1/5 of what it was in 2000 which was a low year.

>Do you have any proof they're LYING?

No, but the above is proof that YOU are lying.

>If you don't believe this, then look it up in the archives

That was preliminary data, which apparently turned out to be wrong.
The spreadsheet cited above is the most recent version of that table,
updated 9/30/2002.

>> Some of them were citizens since Thomas Jefferson became a citizen.
>So what?  If three quarters of Americans decide they shouldn't be citizens,
>they won't be.

But that won't happen.

>> >and jews become citizens
>> And they have been citizens since Thomas Jefferson was a citizen.


Between Jews and Blacks alone, you are getting close to 20% of the
population.  Add in the hispanics and you can't get 75% even if
everyone else agreed with you (which we don't).

>> >and the BIGGEST mistake was
>> >not shipping all the welfare queens back to their countries of origin.
>> For most of them, that country was the United States.
>Most niggers claim they're from Africa.

False.  Most of them claim that they were born in the United States,
because indeed that is where they were born.  Some of their ancestors
(but not all since most blacks have some white blood) came from
Africa, but Alex Haley aside, most blacks would have no idea where in
Africa their ancestors came from.

>> But we should ship you back to your "country of origin", the domain of
>> your Father the Prince of Lies.  You might find the weather a bit warm
>> for your taste, but that is YOUR problem.
>> lojbab
>I'm already back in my country of origin, and it's doing MUCH better without
>all the niggers that the US has to put up with.

Back in Germany, so you don't end up in prison again?  Glad to see
that you know longer consider yourself an American.  I guess we should
notify the German authorities that they have a candidate for


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