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"Gene-Mappers Take New Aim at Diseases", By NICHOLAS WADE


'When the dust settles', the "HapMap" will yield a 'fuzzy' realization that the genetic material is passed-down, intergenerationally, in a way that 'emulates' the ontogeny of a tree in a forest. It will be realized that the 'haplotypes' 'correspond' to the tree's 'trunk'-stuff - =not= the stuff that determines the establishment of the tree's trunk, but the stuff that is most-crucial to a tree's being an organism that can, in fact, survive, intergenerationally [the stuff that is most-crucial to a Human's being an organism that can, in fact, survive, intergenerationally].

The researchers will find ['fuzzily'] that there is a hierarchy in this 'trunk' stuff that reflect the single 'thermodynamic' that I discussed in the predeeding msg in this thread. In the 'trunk' stuff, the stronger this 'thermodynamic', the higher in the hierarchy the correlated 'haplotype' will be.

When the same-stuff is approached via this 'thermodynamic', the 'fuzziness', of the two instances above, will be eliminated and replaced by environmentally-correlated variation - corresponding to 'areas' of the genetic stuff that, to continue the metaphor, corresponds to the "tree's limbs", 'branches', 'twigs', and 'leaves'. All of these will also exhibit the same 'thermodynamic', but with increasing correlation ot environmental stuff as one follows it "out to the 'leaves".

This's all folks'll ever find, and it's quite-distinct from what it is proposed 'is' the thing to be looked-for.

All folks'll ever find is the one 'thermodynamic'.

That is, it's not 'the genes' that determine anything, but the 'thermodynamic' that determines 'the genes', and everything else.

The Promis in what's here is that the 'thermodynamic' will simultaneously map all that we can do with respect to tuning environmental stuff so as to optimize the functionality of the so-called 'genetic' stuff - the further out toward the 'leave'-stuff, the more environmental stuff impacts 'genetic' functionality.

The important thing is the 'thermodynamic' which organizes everything [even itself :-], and since the 'thermodynamic' exists 'outside of' what's been referred to as 'the genetic material', invocations of 'the genetic material' are just more instances in which artificially-delimited 'subsets' are arbitrarily, and Erroneously, defined within the one all-encompassing physical reality.

In other words, the so-called 'genetic' approach "can't see the forrest for the trees" :-]

Folks who understand what's here will See that, in its stuff [and the stuff of the precding msg], the so-called "Nature/Nurture Question" is Resolved in its entirety.

So, it's the 'thermodynamic'-map that needs to be developed, not any so-called 'genetic' map.

K. P. Collins
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