Marie Curie's Nobels

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> > Marie shared the Physics Nobel in 1903 with Henri Becquerel and her
> > Husband Pierre. She won the Chemistry Nobel in 1911 [unshared]. Her
> > daughter, Irene Joliot-Curie, shared the Chemistry prize in 1935.
> > 
> > Marie's relationship with Pierre was as beautiful as any relationship
> > between a man and a woman that I've ever heard of - full of 'light',
> > 'quiet' mutual-caring, and invigorating scientific-interest.
> > 
> > ken
> Translation from feminese:  He did the work and let her take the
> credit for it.

Translation from can-do:  (Pierre thinking) Oh well, there's lots more
ideas where that came from.

A wealthy man (in spirit, knowledge) can afford to be generous - and
he didn't get rich by being lazy and resentful)!
> I actually don't know this for a fact, but it sounds likely and it
> also sounds like what a woman's only conception of a "beautiful"
> relationship would be.

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