brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >It's incredibly disingenuous for you jews to proclaim that Christian
> >ought to just rely on their children to initiate classroom instruction
> >themselves, at the very same time that you jews are permitted to continue
> >propagate Talmudic HATRED with our tax dollars.
> I don't recall the Talmud being taught when I was in Public School.  I
> also don't recall it being taught when I was in Hebrew School, but
> that's not surprising given that I went to a Reform Temple when I was
> practising Judiasm.  (John's probably unfamiliar with the differences
> between Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, and
> Hassidic Judiam, let alone the controversy within Judiasm regarding
> the stranglehold Orthodox Jewry has on the Israeli government.)  So
> I'm unclear what Talmudic teaching John thinks American tax dollars
> are supporting.

Each of these races of jews is as criminal as the next.

All of you jews "think" that just because you're jews, that you whiney 1.9%
minority of the population gets to tell 264 million Christians how to run
their lives, teach their children, and spend their tax dollars.

You're dead wrong.

Schools in Israel which function because of OUR tax dollars teach the
TALMUD, not the Holy Bible.  These schools are teaching jewish children how
to HATE Muslims--and Christians

John Knight

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