brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob bobx23456 at
Sun Sep 1 11:56:37 EST 2002

So, does it turn fiction into fact by printing it in larger type? 


John Knight wrote:

>      Notice how James, the Lord's half-brother, addressed his epistle
>     around A.D. 60: "James, a servant of God and of... Jesus Christ, to
>     the TWELVE TRIBES [not just the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin]
>     which are scattered abroad [Gk. diaspora, "dispersed"]" (1:1). James
>     did not address his epistle to just the Jews. Rather, he addressed
>     his inspired letter to ALL the Israelites-"to the TWELVE TRIBES in
>     the Dispersion"(same verse, NRSV and Moffatt).
>     -- 

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