brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> < It's become abundantly clear that as long as you jews are here, only
1.9% of
> < the population gets "free exercise [of religion]" and the other 98.1%
> < doesn't.
> Really?  Your kids were forced to recite the Shema every morning in
> school?  If so, that's an outrage, and the ACLU will cheerfully help you
> put a stop to it.
> -- cary

"Free exercise [of religion]" doesn't mean not forcing our children to
practice Talmudism.

It means not ever having to listen to, see, hear about, be near, or smell a
jew, a nigger, a Mexican, or any other mud or "liberal" around.

It means *removing* them from our midst.

You have not yet produced even one single reason that White Christian
Israelite children shouldn't be protected from their garbage, have you?

You also can't tell us what it is about Whites that all these mud races have
to force themselves on us, have you?

You cannot give us one good reason we should accept this intrusion into our
privacy, our right of free association, our lives and churches and
businesses, can you?

lojbab tried, but failed.  Do you know why?

There is no good reason for it.

There is no good reason for Whites to have ever accepted this in the first
place--least of all Christianity.

John Knight

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