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> >So John Adams told the Muslims in Tripoli, who were known to behead
> >Christians at the time, that the US wasn't a Christian nation?  So what?
> >Are the Tripolites going to attack us because Adams exercised a little
> >diplomacy-on-the-fly--and saved his head?  No.
> Actually, Washington was President when the treaty was signed, Adams
> was President when it was ratified by Congress.  Neither was at risk
> of beheading at any point in the process.  But you go right on
> fantasizing whatever you need to to preserve your fictional history.
> It puts the whole "Jews are not Israelites" thing into perspective for
> everyone.
> >Did he agree to burn all the Bibles?  No.
> What's that got to do with anything?
> >He was a Christian, just like all our other Founding Forefathers:
> Whether or not he was a Christian has no bearing on whether the United
> is a Christian nation.

Whether or not he, or our other Christian Founding Forefathers, or the rest
of the American population, were Christians has far more to do with whether
or not we were founded as a Christian nation, than a treaty signed with the

When was the last time you saw the US uphold a treaty with the Muslims?  How
many UN resolutions has our "ally" "Israel" broken and we haven't acted on
even one of them.  Each would require us to immediately and forthwith
suspend all aid to Israel.

Why are we continually in such a state of amorality.  Because of jews.
Because we let jews into the country.  Because we finally let them become
teachers, and "judges" and "justices" and "doctors" and media magnates.

What have we gained from it?  The destruction of the USS Liberty, the King
David Hotel, the Lavon Affair, and a big hole in the ground in Manhattan.

You can argue until you're blue in the fact that we aren't a Christian
nation, but that doesn't change the facts one teeny wheeny bit--we are a
Christian nation.  The US Constitution is based on Christian, not Talmudic,
principles.  86-95% of the population are Christians.

And when we decided to boot the jews out, we did it as a--Christian nation.

John Knight

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