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> >> practising Judiasm.  (John's probably unfamiliar with the differences
> >> between Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, and
> >> Hassidic Judiam, let alone the controversy within Judiasm regarding
> >> the stranglehold Orthodox Jewry has on the Israeli government.)  So
> >> I'm unclear what Talmudic teaching John thinks American tax dollars
> >> are supporting.
> >
> >Each of these races of jews is as criminal as the next.
> John must be working with some private defeinition of the word "race"
> such that it would be sensical to refer to a different belief
> structures as "races."  Since he's working with private definitions of
> the words "Jew" "Israelite" and "Christian" as well, this is hardly
> surprising.

This is from "jewish" sources, Holzman, and I quote:

"There has been one interesting Y-project looking at a specific caste, that
of Jewish priests and their lay counterparts. Conducted by Michael F. Hammer
of the University of Arizona et al and published in Nature in 1997 as Y
Chromosomes of Jewish Priests, it investigated the accuracy of biblical
accounts of the Jewish priesthood which was established about 3,300 years
ago. Designation of Jewish males to the priesthood continues to this day and
is determined by strict patrilineal decent. The study found clear
differences in the frequency of Y-chromosomes haplotypes between Jewish
priests and their lay counterparts, a difference is observable in both the
Ashkenazi and Sephardic populations despite the geographical separation of
the two communities.

"A second project on the the Lemba, a Bantu tribe in South Africa, confirmed
their oral history of migration by finding that they possess the same
Y-chromosome haplotype characteristic of the Jewish priesthood and in a
frequency similar to that seen in major Jewish populations. In the Lemba's
case the results were mainly associated with a particular clan, the Buba,
which, in the tribe's oral tradition, had a leadership role in bringing the
Lemba out of Israel."

You see, it's jews, not us, who define these different races of jews.

It's jews, not us, who claim that Ashkenaz was the ancestor to 90% + of
today's "jews", and it's jews, not us, who refute that claim and instead
insist that they're descendants of the Khazars who didn't even convert to
"Judaism" until the 9th Century.  It's jews, not us (though the Holy Bible
confirms it), who claim that niggers in Ethiopia and "Jewish Priests" had a
common ancestor (read: are descendants of Ethiopian niggers).

Which jewish LIE do you support today, Holzman?

> >All of you jews "think" that just because you're jews, that you whiney
> >minority of the population gets to tell 264 million Christians how to run
> >their lives, teach their children, and spend their tax dollars.
> John will probably never be able to wrap his head around the fact that
> I think the US should stop giving foreign aid to Israel.

Too little, too late, Holzman.  You also "think" that Christian children DO
have a "right" to say a spoken Christian prayer in their classrooms, even
though 70% + disagree with you and KNOW that they don't have that "right".

You also "think" that jews and Israelites are indistinguishable, that "men
and women are equal", that all Christians are Nazis and anti-Semites (even
though jews aren't Semites and Christians are), that feminism is just
fine--the list is way too long for a usenet post.

John Knight

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