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>Pay particular attention to the following revealing statements, cary:
>"There has been one interesting Y-project looking at a specific caste, that
>of Jewish priests and their lay counterparts. Conducted by Michael F. Hammer
>of the University of Arizona et al and published in Nature in 1997 as Y
>Chromosomes of Jewish Priests, it investigated the accuracy of biblical
>accounts of the Jewish priesthood which was established about 3,300 years
>ago. Designation of Jewish males to the priesthood continues to this day and
>is determined by strict patrilineal decent. The study found clear
>differences in the frequency of Y-chromosomes haplotypes between Jewish
>priests and their lay counterparts, a difference is observable in both the
>Ashkenazi and Sephardic populations despite the geographical separation of
>the two communities. ... A second project on the the Lemba, a Bantu tribe in
>South Africa, confirmed their oral history of migration by finding that they
>possess the same Y-chromosome haplotype characteristic of the Jewish
>priesthood and in a frequency similar to that seen in major Jewish
>populations. In the Lemba's case the results were mainly associated with a
>particular clan, the Buba, which, in the tribe's oral tradition, had a
>leadership role in bringing the Lemba out of Israel."

>"Another early finding from the Viking study is that modern Celtic
>populations in Angelsey and Ireland have almost identical Y-chromosomes to
>the Basques of northern Spain. It is thought that both populations represent
>the pre-farming stock of Europe."

The Basques have been in Europe for 4,000 years which means that they
predate Moses, and perhaps even Abraham.  If the Basques and Celts are
genetically related then they have nothing to do with Semitic history.

But then we already knew that.  Only the nincompoop and his friends
who have a zillion mutually-contradictory stories about the
prehistoric Irish think otherwise.  You've posted that the Irish are
descended from the Milesians who were clearly NOT "Israelites" since
they supposedly claimed descent from a daughter of Pharoah and came
from afar to visit Moses.  Then you claim that they were associated
with the "Israelite colony" of Galacians who unfortunately showed up
in Turkey several hundred years after there was no more kingdom of
Israel, and was formed by two companies of mercenaries from Gaul.  Now
you pull a new site that says that the Irish were from the tribe of

All this despite 200 years of solid linguistics research showing that
there is utterly no relationship between Celtic and Hebrew.

>Do you see the pattern emerging here from the DNA studies, cary?

Yes.  The Jewish priests indeed remained true to their orders to keep
distinct, even when they mixed with other tribes including black



>populations of Spain and Ireland have similar DNA, which is
>exactly what would be expected if the Israelites migrated to Spain, then
>Ireland, then the rest of the British Isles, then Europe.

Or what you would expect if successive ways of Asians pushed into
Europe AS RECORDED IN HISTORY, pushing the indigenous populations that
had been here for millennia into the mountains on the furthest west
portions of the continent.

History does NOT support your fairy tales.

>Similarly, the NIGGER populations of Africa, and "Jewish Priests", have a
>common ancestor.

No they don't which is why the find is noteworthy.  One PARTICULAR
tribe, which had a tradition that they were led from the Holy Land by
Jewish priests, seems to have genetic properties of Jewish priests.
Africans in general don't have those genetic properties.  Thus the
Lembus are only part-African.

>A study into the diversity of Y-Chromosome haplogroups in Ireland by Mark
>Jobling of Leicester University and others started with the assumption that
>its position on the western edge of Europe meant that the genetics of its
>population should have been relatively undisturbed by the demographic
>movements that have shaped variation on the mainland.

Confirming what I said, that the Hibernians and Basques are unrelated
genetically to the rest of Europe.  (This means that even if the
ancient Irish were Israelites - which they aren't - then the Germans
and Russians weren't related to them).

>In the African continent a study of the Ethiopian gene pool by Giuseppe
>Passarino et al reported in the journal of The American Society of Human
>Genetics in 1998 showed through tests of both the Y-chromosome and mtDNA
>from 77 men that the Ethiopian population had experienced Caucasoid gene
>flow mainly through males.

Oops.  Black Ethiopians have Caucasian genetic traits.  There goes
another racist myth.

>In Britain, a well-known case is the identification of a 42-year teacher,
>Adrian Targett, as sharing a maternal ancestor with a 9,000 year-old Stone
>Age hunter-gatherer whose remains were found buried in limestone during
>drainage work in the caves of the Cheddar Gorge in south-west England in
>1903. Mitochondrial DNA extracted from one of Cheddar Man's molars showed he
>and the local teacher "shared a common ancestor about 10,000 years ago",
>according to Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford University who conducted the
>tests. The test also indicated that Britons are descended from European
>hunter-gatherers rather than Middle Eastern farmers, an argument that has
>divided archaeologists for years.

Oops, some of the British have been there for 10,000 years, which
means that they predate the Flood.

>Another study, in the Basque region of Spain conducted by the Euskal Herriko
>Unibertsitatea in Bilbao, found evidence for a small population size in the
>post-Ice Age period. mtDNA sequences from four Basque prehistoric sites did
>not belong to haplogroup V, the haplogroup most closely associated with the
>area in modern times. The findings thus contradict one theory that explains
>the modern-day concentration in the Basque region as a result of migration
>from southwestern Europe, occurring approximately 10,000-15,000 years BP
>(before the present).

Read that last number. Compare with your "Israelite" theory of
Danites.  Figure out how the Danites were teleported back in time
8,000 to 12,000 years.

One would think that you would read the stuff you post.  When it has
some sort of historical or scientific basis, it invariably contradicts
your claims in a fundamental way.

But then, you are a nincompoop.


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