brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > >Maybe this should tell you something.  More is said about Mordichai
> > >and his activities than is said about MOST of the 12 disciples.  Maybe
> > >Mordichai was MORE important.
> >
> > More to the point, the Book of Ehster was written by Jews, and in
> > Jewish culture of the time what tribe one was a member of was a part
> > of one's name.  Today, remnants of this still exist in surnames like
> > "Halevi," which translates as "The Levite"
> >
> > "Name, son of name, son of name, ..., son of name the tribe" is how
> > Jews were named before Christian-style "given name ... surname"
> > structure was imposed on us.
> >
> > The New Testament is not a Jewish text, and therefore not written from
> > a Jewish cultural perspective.  How the Disciples were referred to
> > would only be relevant if the Bible and the New Testament were written
> > by the same people -- they weren't.
> >
> None of the Holy Bible is a "jewish text", because it's an Israelite text.

Same people
> The Holy Bible is about Israelites and how to preserve the Israelite
> race--not about jews.

The Jews are the Israelites
> If you want to read a jewish text, read the Talmud, which is exactly the
> opposite of the Holy Bible (just as jews are exactly the opposite of White
> Christian Israelites).

There is no such thing as whith christian israelites.

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