brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > >The Congressional Library in Washington, D.C., which contains an
> > >GOVERNMENT RECORD OF Pilate's correspondences, which records a meeting
> > >had with Jesus Christ. Plate stated on pages 137-139:
> >
> > You believe anything that you think supports you, don't you?  There is
> > no such thing as "The Congressional Library" in Washington DC.  The
> > government institution is called the Library of Congress.
> >
> "The first books were ordered from England and shipped across the Atlantic
> in 11 hair trunks and a map case. The Library was housed in the new
> until August 1814, when British troops invaded Washington and burned the
> Capitol Building; the small ********congressional library******** of some
> 3,000 volumes was lost in the fire."
This refers to a small collection of books destroyed by fire in 1814. Since
the key words are not capitalized, it was not the NAME of a library, even
back then, but just a descriptive phrase. Since these books were burned,
they cannot have been what you were quoting from. There is no such source as
"The Congressional Library", and we have no authentic writings of Pontius
Pilate; official or otherwise.


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