brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Sun Sep 1 18:00:32 EST 2002

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John Knight <jwknight at> wrote:
>We're wise to that game, Holzman.  

The closest John's ever been to wise was to sample a potato chip.

>The Talmud is the controlling document
>for jews, not some rabbi pretending to argue with some other rabbi to get
>sympathy for "oh, poor jews".

To oversimplify...
The Talmud is irrelevant to Reform and Reconstructionist Jews.
Conservative Jews regard the Talmud as containing parts which are
Divinely inspired.  To Orthodox and Hasidic Jews, the Talmud is
entirely Divinely inspired.  What makes this an oversimplification is
that the Talmud is in and of itself Rabbis arguing with one another,
rather than a single instruction, which arguments remain unsettled to
this day.  

In any event, it's not the Talmud that sits in the Ark in a Shul, nor
is it the Talmud that Hassids dance with on the Sabbath.  The
controlling document common to all Judiasm is the Torah.  The Talmud is
more of a cross between the Corpus Juris and the Congressional Record. 

John continues to be delusional.

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