brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Sun Sep 1 18:09:10 EST 2002

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John Knight <jwknight at> wrote:
>> John must be working with some private defeinition of the word "race"
>> such that it would be sensical to refer to a different belief
>> structures as "races."  Since he's working with private definitions of
>> the words "Jew" "Israelite" and "Christian" as well, this is hardly
>> surprising.
>This is from "jewish" sources, Holzman, and I quote:

Of course, Jon's except didn't address "different races of Jews," let
alone "different races of Jews" mapping to specific Jewish beliefs.
Unable to dazzle with dexterity, he attempts to baffle with bullshit.

>> John will probably never be able to wrap his head around the fact that
>> I think the US should stop giving foreign aid to Israel.
>Too little, too late, Holzman.  You also "think" that Christian children DO
>have a "right" to say a spoken Christian prayer in their classrooms, even
>though 70% + disagree with you and KNOW that they don't have that "right".

You mean they're saying their prayers without thinking they have a
right to do so?  Fascinating.

>You also "think" that jews and Israelites are indistinguishable, that "men
>and women are equal", that all Christians are Nazis and anti-Semites (even
>though jews aren't Semites and Christians are), that feminism is just
>fine--the list is way too long for a usenet post.

You're mistaken about the "all Christians are Nazis and anti-Semites"
piece from that list, but otherwise accurately reflecting my beliefs.

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