brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>This is from "jewish" sources, Holzman, and I quote:
>"There has been one interesting Y-project looking at a specific caste, that
>of Jewish priests and their lay counterparts. Conducted by Michael F. Hammer
>of the University of Arizona et al and published in Nature in 1997 as Y
>Chromosomes of Jewish Priests, it investigated the accuracy of biblical
>accounts of the Jewish priesthood which was established about 3,300 years
>ago. Designation of Jewish males to the priesthood continues to this day and
>is determined by strict patrilineal decent. The study found clear
>differences in the frequency of Y-chromosomes haplotypes between Jewish
>priests and their lay counterparts, a difference is observable in both the
>Ashkenazi and Sephardic populations despite the geographical separation of
>the two communities.
>"A second project on the the Lemba, a Bantu tribe in South Africa, confirmed
>their oral history of migration by finding that they possess the same
>Y-chromosome haplotype characteristic of the Jewish priesthood and in a
>frequency similar to that seen in major Jewish populations. In the Lemba's
>case the results were mainly associated with a particular clan, the Buba,
>which, in the tribe's oral tradition, had a leadership role in bringing the
>Lemba out of Israel."
>You see, it's jews, not us, who define these different races of jews.

I see no mention of "race", much less a definition that suits your

>It's jews, not us, who claim that Ashkenaz was the ancestor to 90% + of
>today's "jews",

Nope.  That is nowhere claimed in the text.  There is no doubt that
there is a population of Jews called Ashkenazi, and that they are
genetically related to a considerable extent.  There is no evidence
that they are called Ashkenazi because they descended from anyone by
that name, and there IS evidence that they lived in a region that was
called "Ashkenaz", which they moved to AFTER the Jewish diaspora (or
they would not be related to the Lembu Jews of South Africa).

>and it's jews, not us, who refute that claim and instead
>insist that they're descendants of the Khazars who didn't even convert to
>"Judaism" until the 9th Century.

Jews "insist" no such thing; YOU are the one who LIES about such
things.  Yes, it is known that many Khazars converted to Judaism.  But
the original Jews who converted them were also there.

>You also "think" that jews and Israelites are indistinguishable,

No.  Israelites are GONE, except for the Jews.

>that "men and women are equal",


>that all Christians are Nazis

Only your kind are Nazis.

>and anti-Semites (even though jews aren't Semites and Christians are)

You have no idea what a Semite is.  The Semitic peoples, mostly found
in the Middle East and North Africa, have little resemblance to
Northern Europeans.


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