brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Sun Sep 1 18:20:57 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>"Free exercise [of religion]" doesn't mean not forcing our children to
>practice Talmudism.

Good.  Because no one is forcing such a thing.

>It means not ever having to listen to, see, hear about, be near, or smell a
>jew, a nigger, a Mexican, or any other mud or "liberal" around.
>It means *removing* them from our midst.

Has nothing to do with religion.  If you don't want the people you
hate around: leave.  Visit a cemetery near you.  We won't miss you.

>You have not yet produced even one single reason that White Christian
>Israelite children shouldn't be protected from their garbage, have you?

Because there aren't any "White Christian Israelite children".

I wonder if that is what you are worried about.  Your ex-wife probably
took up with a "mud" once she got rid of you.  Who knows?  Maybe your
wife WAS a "mud"?  In which case your children are the mongrels that
you go on about, which explains why you refused to support them.

Ah!  Now we have an explanation that makes sense.  Your Nazi ideas are
something you came up with to explain why you shouldn't have to
support your children.

>You also can't tell us what it is about Whites that all these mud races have
>to force themselves on us, have you?

Nothing special.  I certainly don't feel special because I am labeled

>You cannot give us one good reason we should accept this intrusion into our
>privacy, our right of free association, our lives and churches and
>businesses, can you?

What intrusion?  Your existence?  Unfortunately, the Bill of Rights
entitles you to blather on indefinitely, repeating nincompoop
arguments over and over in order to prove that you are a LIAR serving
the purposes of your master the Prince of Lies.

>lojbab tried, but failed.

Against you, I have never failed.


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