brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>>Whether or not he, or our other Christian Founding Forefathers, or the rest
>>of the American population, were Christians has far more to do with whether
>>or not we were founded as a Christian nation, than a treaty signed with the
>>When was the last time you saw the US uphold a treaty with the Muslims?  
>The Treaty of Tripoli remains in force, so we can start there...

Actually, the Treaty of Tripoli was rewritten 11 years later, and the
section in question is not in the rewritten treaty (probably because
by then the Tripolitanians had no need to be reassured as to our
non-theocratic nature),

It probably does not remain in force, since there hasn't been a Bey of
Tripoli in over a century.  Tripoli was absorbed into what is now

>John doesn't realize that Jews have been in the United States before
>it was the United States.  George Washington spoke at a Synagogue at
>least once.

I have at least one quote from John Adams writing good things about
Jews - it is referenced in the recent McCullough biography of Adams.


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