Marie Curie's Nobels

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>So you were born in the United Matriarchal State of America and red
>stuff comes out when you cut yourself shaving?  So?
>You're as pussy-whipped as the average American male.

Sometimes I wish it were so :-]

>History is a recapitulation of things that never happened by people
>that weren't there.

You know, I've seen with my own eyes that, amongst Historians,
there're folks who give just about everything in their Lives to
getting correct the accounts they research.

I'm Grateful for their work.

Besides, it's pretty hard to get something as Public as the
Gettysburg Address 'wrong', isn't it.

It's the same with the four Nobels shared/won by the Curie Family.
[Irene's Husband won the Peace prize.]

>Women are always claiming credit for male accomplishment just

For instance?

>I say that Marie Curie took credit for her husband's

Like I said, I'd Love an 'excuse' to reread Marie Curie's biography,
but my Library [what's left of it] is boxed.

It's my recollection that Pierre was 'busy' with other stuff - like
initiating the still-ongoing integration 'magnetism' and

It's also my recollection that my 'jaw-hung-down' upon reading of the
solitary work Marie put into isolating Radium for the first time. I
know what's entailed in such solitary effort. Just the
'psychological' stuff, inherent, is like 'running-a-gauntlet' of
Mercilessness. One goes forth with the foreknowledge that, in doing
so, one 'trangresses' the 'status quo'. There're always 'moments',
in-there, during which 'self-doubt', augmented by the 'work' of the
'nay-sayers', fairly takes-one's-breath-away. It's =Hard= to
'press-on-regardless'. Ms. Curie did.

I read her biography, years ago, when I was 'fighting' to maintain my
resolve-to-continue my own work.

Across the years, through the efforts of her Biographer, Ms. Curie
'reached-out-to-me' - like a 'light' in the 'darkness' - and through
her example of steadfast-endurance, 'whispered' to me, "You must not

Learning of her struggle helped some.

It's why I remember it all.

It was, for me, like 'a long drink of cold water in the desert'.

It wasn't only her later work. Even as a Child and Young-Woman,
supported by her strong Family, she 'just' Accepted the costs, and
fought her way through to fruition. Found the way, by creating it.

'Just' the Finest sort of stuff, writ-bold in the way she Lived.

>Disprove it.


k. p. collins

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