brain sizes: Einstein's and women's and miscegenation

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>>>Why should you want to force yourself on White Christian
>>>don't want to have anything to do with you?
>>Mr. Kn[i]ght, it's 'hilarious' that you 'think' that you could
>>without all the work done by the folks whom you disparage.
>>Without all of us, working together, any of us would be left
>>struggling not to starve to death.
>>There'd be no 'technology', so we couldn't 'meet' online to
>>Without all of what you term 'muddy' blood shed, including the work
>>of women who 'fought' the wars in its factories, America
>>made it through all the wars it's had to fight [and those it didn't
>>have to fight, but fought anyway].
>>So, you're sittin' there, typing out your anti-this and anti-that
>>ideas, supported, even as you sit there, by the sole virtue of all
>>that 'muddy' stuff that gave-all that you might have the
>>to Live.
>>Your 'blindness' to such is illogical, no?

It's particularly-illogical in light of the considerable fuss you've
made with respect to others 'taking credit' for stuff you say they've
"not accomplished" through their own efforts, no?


You've been doing the Same-Stuff you've been 'complaining' about.

It's that 'blindness', automated within our nervous systems that I've
been reaching-out to you about.

How it works is that, as one gets closer to Seeing-through the
'blindness', things 'get-intense' within one's subjective experience
[for thos who have it, "zone of randomness", AoK, Ap4].

It's "the darkest hour is just before the dawn" stuff.

One's own nervous system 'fighting' to break-through into the 'light'
of understanding.

You're close, Mr. Knight, and I hope you'll 'tough-it-out', and make
it into the 'light', 'cause if you do, your 'passion' can do good

Don't be 'deterred' by having been 'mistaken'. Everybody makes
mis-takes, simply because we all learn through experience.

k. p. collins

>>k. p. collins

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