brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> > >> One hundred percent  of Fortune 500 Corporations' CEOs.
>> > >
>> > >Nonsense. Carly FIorina comes to mind.
>> >
>> > Oh, yeah...the ceo that's driving hp to bankrupcy...she was an
>> > excellant choice. What good does affermative action do when it just
>> > lets incompitent people in?
>> Irrelevant. Are 100% of Fortune 500 corporation CEOs male?
>> No. At least a half dozen are not.
>This was compiled before women were CEOs of those corporations, so if 6 of
>them are now women, this would explain why our economy is imploding.
>So you win another Dewey Button For Accuracy.  It will be adjusted to 494 /
>500 = 98.8%.

Actually, as of the last Fortune 500 it was 495.  5 women in the first
500 and 5 in the second 500.

Of course CEO isn't the only corporate office of note.  Fortune has a
list of the top 50 women in business, and the nincompoop will be
disheartened to know that some of the countries he admires for their
sexism are also including women at the top.

Two of then head corporations in Japan, at least one in Singapore, at
least 4 in China and Taiwan, 1 from Philippines, 1 from India, 1 from
Turkey, 1 from Malaysia and several from Europe.  Of course we can't
forget the woman who heads one of the larger banks of Israel with
assets of $50 billion, which must doubly eat his gut.

>> > >I wonder if there were any female CEOs for Worldcom or
>> > >Enron....
>> >
>> > No female ceos but plenty in the higher up positions. Both companies
>> > are now bankrupt BTW.
>> Who were the "incompitent" (sic) in those little fiascos?
>The accountant for Enron is a jew--and that explains everything.

Since you couldn't manage to support your own children, you cannot
claim any superior wisdom in fiscal matters.


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