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Dear Mr. Collins,

However heroic "Rosie the Riveter" may have been, 5 of her were still
required to perform what 2 or 3 men would have done, simply because of upper
body strength.  This is not to mention the untold cost to consumers which
women cause due to maternity, female problems, and general sick leave.  Now
that men have been back in the workforce for over 50 years, sexual
harrassment is also an issue.  Let a man make a casual comment about a
blouse a woman worker wears, or about her dress or shoes, and instantly, the
man is at best called on the carpet and sent to counseling, and at worst

The NEGATIVE productivity, the REDUCTION in productivity, the lies, the
deceit, the philandering, and the misappropriation of funds which women in
the American workforce have caused, is INCALCULABLE.  As Mr. Knight and the
US Department of Labor have proven and continually prove annually, it takes
14 men to compensate for the lack of productivity of 1 (read: single person)
working woman.  These are 15 paychecks wasted for the lack of work of one
single human being who ought to be home raising the kids.  Add health,
medical, dental, and insurance benefits to that, as well as 401 (k) programs
and other retirement benefits, and you see the cost is staggering.

Simply put, 40 years ago, women comprised less than 10% of the US Workforce.
The Dollar was worth 4 times what it is worth today.  Men died leaving their
widows with 4-5 times more buying power than their counterparts today, whose
widows' benefits and Social Security checks can't feed a canary.  Men and
Women lived out their retirement years in relative comfort, knowing their
incomes were at least at parity with expenses because they were able to save
money under disciplined investing in bank savings accounts which yielded 6%
or better.  Their counterparts today don't dare invest in passbook savings,
which only yield 2% interest.  Mutual Funds and 401(k) plans yield a little
better.  And who has the $1,000 minimum to invest in a CD, except for the
wealthiest of people?

Let's see how to solve this.  Hmmmm... put the father back as the head of
the household, employ more men and less women, ditch affirmative action and
hire each employee on proven merit (Men over women first), destroy the
Welfare system, and disallow Congress to raid the Social Security Fund for
any reason.  Repeal all forms of VAWA.  Then, Repeal the 19th Amendment.
That's just for starters.  But Hell will celebrate Christmas first.


Richard C. August

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> >Why should you want to force yourself on White Christian Israelites
> who
> >don't want to have anything to do with you?
> Mr. Knoght, it's 'hilarious' that you 'think' that you could get-on
> without all the work done by the folks whom you disparage.
> Without all of us, working together, any of us would be left
> struggling not to starve to death.
> There'd be no 'technology', so we couldn't 'meet' online to exchange
> ideas.
> Without all of what you term 'muddy' blood shed, including the work
> of women who 'fought' the wars in its factories, America wouldn't've
> made it through all the wars it's had to fight [and those it didn't
> have to fight, but fought anyway].
> So, you're sittin' there, typing out your anti-this and anti-that
> ideas, supported, even as you sit there, by the sole virtue of all
> that 'muddy' stuff that gave-all that you might have the opportunity
> to Live.
> Your 'blindness' to such is illogical, no?
> Yup.
> k. p. collins
> >[...]

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