Marie Curie's Nobels

Paul Hume paulhume at
Mon Sep 2 08:16:00 EST 2002

> I say that Marie Curie took credit for her husband's accomplishments. 
> Disprove it.

All we have are the writings of the Curies themselves, and of
associates like Becquerel. But you've already discounted these. So you
win...several world class scientists (even if you leave out Marie)
went along and falsified their lab records, their journals, etc. to
make it look like little Maria Skladowska Curie played nice with the
big boys.

You can see Pierre going along, I guess...but why Henri? Why would
Becquerel share credit for discovering the principle of radioactivity
with a little bint from Poland unless she actually had something to do
with it? Frankish gallantry?


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