brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> >And for making that excellent point.
>> >"northern portion of Denmark, still known today as Jutland, actually means
>> >'land of the Jews'"
>> Since it comes from an Old Norse word starting JOT, this remains pure
>> folk etymology.
>> >The only problem with this meaning of Jutland is it confounds the meaning
>> >and difference between Hebrews and Jews.
>> Ah, yes.  That is a problem for your theories.  They contradict.
>There's no conflict in the Holy Bible.  It's clear as a bell.

Yes.  It says you are a LIAR, mouthing the words of your father the
Prince of Lies.

>You keep forgetting that the Holy Bible has been translated into 73 TIMES as
>many other languages as the English language.  I have a copy of the Holy
>Bible which was never touched nor influenced by the KJV translators, and the
>differences are astounding, and very revealing.

I have a few myself.

>The Danish letter which is the first letter of "Jutland" sounds like a cross
>between a "j" and a "y", but Americans can't even begin to pronounce it.

Actually they can, but it remains irrelevant to the fact that Jut(e)
stems from Old Norse Jot.

>Denmark didn't need to sit around and wait for England to invent a "j" so
>they could name "Jutland" because they got it straight from their direct
>ancestors, the Israelites.

One problem with this folktale is that the Hebrew alphabet letter
corresponding to j/y has no resemblance to the Roman letter.

The point is that your fairy tale source says that Jute came from
Jews.  You want to use his version of the story, but reject the parts
that don't fit your racist agenda.  I am perfectly aware that Jutland
has nothing to do with Jews.

>> >Furthermore, about the last place on the Earth where we'd expect to find
>> >jews is Denmark, which is a country blessed with more than 92% Christians
>> >(which is why they scored much higher than us in TIMSS and have a higher
>> >actual family income and standard of living than us).

Around 7,000 Jews.

(And 120,000 Moslems, per Britannica).

>> This is so hilarious that it is sad.  Wales was settled by the Celts
>> before the Assyrians took over Israel.
>It's doubtful that we've got enough empirical evidence yet to confirm these
>timeframes, since faulty "carbon dating" screwed up so many REAL estimates
>of when the Assyrians took the Israelites into captivity.

Carbon dating has nothing to do with it.  The Assyrians were part of
*recorded* history.  We know when they ruled and conquered based on
comparisons of names, dates and calendars in their documents with the
same names in the documents of other civilizations.

>iow, there's no reason to believe that the Celts and the Israelites didn't
>have identical ancestors.

The lack of language similarity, which your phony name soundalikes
don't begin to touch.

Genetics that shows little relationship between them and other Semitic

>But there are MANY reasons to believe that Israelites [read: the Holy Bible]
>and jews [read: the Talmud] are from completely different planes );

You are the only one from a different plane.  You are subhuman by


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