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> Carbon dating has nothing to do with it.  The Assyrians were part of
> *recorded* history.  We know when they ruled and conquered based on
> comparisons of names, dates and calendars in their documents with the
> same names in the documents of other civilizations.
> >iow, there's no reason to believe that the Celts and the Israelites didn't
> >have identical ancestors.
> The lack of language similarity, which your phony name soundalikes
> don't begin to touch.
> Genetics that shows little relationship between them and other Semitic
> peoples.
> >But there are MANY reasons to believe that Israelites [read: the Holy Bible]
> >and jews [read: the Talmud] are from completely different planes );
> You are the only one from a different plane.  You are subhuman by
> choice.
> lojbab

We knew before that the Israelites had settled in Spain and Ireland, but now DNA evidence demonstrates the genetic link 

  Another early finding from the Viking study is that modern Celtic populations in Angelsey and Ireland have almost identical Y-chromosomes to the Basques of northern Spain. It is thought that both populations represent the pre-farming stock of Europe. 

Conversely, jews don't share the same genetic markers with Israelites, but the DNA studies of jews and Negroids prove that they have a common ancestor:

  There has been one interesting Y-project looking at a specific caste, that of Jewish priests and their lay counterparts. Conducted by Michael F. Hammer of the University of Arizona et al and published in Nature in 1997 as Y Chromosomes of Jewish Priests, it investigated the accuracy of biblical accounts of the Jewish priesthood which was established about 3,300 years ago. Designation of Jewish males to the priesthood continues to this day and is determined by strict patrilineal decent. The study found clear differences in the frequency of Y-chromosomes haplotypes between Jewish priests and their lay counterparts, a difference is observable in both the Ashkenazi and Sephardic populations despite the geographical separation of the two communities.  A second project on the the Lemba, a Bantu tribe in South Africa, confirmed their oral history of migration by finding that they possess the same Y-chromosome haplotype characteristic of the Jewish priesthood and in a frequency similar to that seen in major Jewish populations. In the Lemba's case the results were mainly associated with a particular clan, the Buba, which, in the tribe's oral tradition, had a leadership role in bringing the Lemba out of Israel. 

iow, jews aren't White.  At best, they're 20% Negroid, but not even the other 80% can be considered "White", because they're descendants of the mixed races of Cush (now Ethiopia) and Cain.

John Knight

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