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>> >> > >> One hundred percent  of Fortune 500 Corporations' CEOs.
>> >> > >
>> >> > >Nonsense. Carly FIorina comes to mind.
>> >> >
>> >> > Oh, yeah...the ceo that's driving hp to bankrupcy...she was
>> >> > excellant choice. What good does affermative action do when
it just
>> >> > lets incompitent people in?
>> >>
>> >> Irrelevant. Are 100% of Fortune 500 corporation CEOs male?
>> >> No. At least a half dozen are not.
>> >
>> >This was compiled before women were CEOs of those corporations,
so if 6
>> >them are now women, this would explain why our economy is
>> >
>> >So you win another Dewey Button For Accuracy.  It will be
adjusted to 494
>> >500 = 98.8%.
>> Actually, as of the last Fortune 500 it was 495.  5 women in the
>> 500 and 5 in the second 500.
>> Of course CEO isn't the only corporate office of note.  Fortune
has a
>> list of the top 50 women in business, and the nincompoop will be
>> disheartened to know that some of the countries he admires for
>> sexism are also including women at the top.
>What makes you think that these countries would make the same
>Do you realize what's happened to confidence in the stock market
since these
>women were named to these positions?

Mr. Knight, that's just not it.

What happened was that, after WWII, 'strategies' followed by the U.
S. A. and the 'USSR' 'stressed' socio-economic and political dynamics
around the globe. This was the stuff of the "Cold War", with it's
teetering-balance with respect to 'nuclear' anihilation.

During this period, there was a lot of tit-for-tat militarization in
which 'third world' Nations were induced to 'militarize', as proxies
of either the USA or USSR, in those parties' 'struggle' for
'dominance', all with devastating consequences.

After the 'Cold War' ground to a hault, when the reality of the
Horror it actually constituted becoming recognized in the Cuban
Missle Crisis, both the USA and USSR relatively-abruptly withdrew
from their formerly-ongoing manipulative exertion of
'self-interested' force.

The result, which is unfolding still, is that populations which were
'dominated' gained 'release' from such 'containing-pressure'.

Within nervous systems, this was experienced as "rendering useless"
[AoK, Ap8], a condition in which formerly-familiar stuff becomes
relatively-rapidly 'non-functional'.

Within the nervous systems of the folks comprising the
formerly-oppressed populations, this "rendering useless" of that with
respect to which they'd become familiar, resulted in their neural
activation going relatively-random.

=This= is what precipitated all of the socio-economic and political
'degradation' that's being endured across the globe.

It's all 'just' a Thermodynamic.

Back during the 'Cold War', Truth with respect to the innate-Rights
of all people, everywhere, was 'moved away from'.

These days, all people, everywhere, are bearing the Consequences
which always ensue Truth's being 'moved away from'.

It's 'hilarious' that you 'attribute' all that's entailed to 'CEOs',
either male or female.

That which has befallen us all was brought-about through the
concerted efforts of Governments that resorted to the Ignorant use of
'force', who applied such 'force' against the 'CEOs', and everyone

We're all 'paying the cost' of Truth's having been 'moved away from'.

It's as I've explained, Ignorance is the enemy, as it was during the
'Cold War' - as it's been throughout the course of Human history.

The thing to do is remove the Ignorance so that folks can, then,
'move toward' Truth, rather than 'move away from' Truth.

Because, Honor Truth, and Truth Honors one right-back.


>Even after it's been explained to you numerous times, you obviously
>comprehend nothing about anybody's contribution to this economy or
>about anyone's children, or any other personal insult or LIE you
>compelled to propagate, lojbab, so quit looking for an excuse to
change the
>If anyone needs a financial adviser, you're literally the last
person on the
>list who'll be contacted.
>John Knight

I suggest you consider-deeply the stuff of your own words, Mr.

K. P. Collins

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