brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> *>That was the original font, Bob.
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> *>The only reason for posting in html was to preserve some of the
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> Damn, your dumb. Most of us do not get html in our news readers, so
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Thanks for letting me know.  If I'd known that posting in HTML makes it difficult for you to read, that's all I would have used.

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> *>> So, does it turn fiction into fact by printing it in larger type?
> *>> Pathetic.
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> *>> John Knight wrote:
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 >      Notice how James, the Lord's half-brother, addressed his epistle
 >     around A.D. 60: "James, a servant of God and of... Jesus Christ, to
 >     the TWELVE TRIBES [not just the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin]
 >     which are scattered abroad [Gk. diaspora, "dispersed"]"
> (1:1). James did not address his epistle to just the Jews. Rather, he addressed
 >     his inspired letter to ALL the Israelites-"to the TWELVE TRIBES in
 >     the Dispersion"(same verse, NRSV and Moffatt).

The fact that James addressed the Twelve Tribes of Israel specifically demonstrates that these twelve separate racial lineages were intact at that time.

Certainly there were representatives of each of the Twelve Tribes in Judaea at the time, but most of them had already migrated to other territories.

John Knight
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