brain sizes: Einstein's and women's and miscegenation

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>> >Why should you want to force yourself on White Christian
>> who don't want to have anything to do with you?

Well, since you've brought-up this stuff which I'd not, yet,
taken-up, let's see what's in-it.

First, there's the first few lines of The Declaration of Independence
of The United States of America - you know, with respect to all
folks' pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

The Founders didn't just 'spout platitudes'. Their Decisions were
made in the white-heat of Necessity, in which they saw all that was
at risk, and through which they Recognized that the Rights they
sought for themselves derived their "inalienable" Significance in
their being applicable to all people, everywhere, not just

It's 'hilarious' that you, now, 'propose', that that upon which This
Nation was Founded, and, through virtue of which, This Nation has
survived to the present, granting us, even now, our Right to Freely
discuss our 'differences', somehow, 'constitutes' my 'forcing' myself
upon you.

I do nothing of the kind.

What I'm doing is Defending that which is writ-bold within The
Declaration of Independence of The United States of America and The
Constitution of The United States of America.

It's you who'd 'diminish' the Content of those documents.

It's you who would 'force' yourself upon me, in proposal to
'separate' me from the Content of those Documents to which This
Nation owes it's Breath-of-Life stuff, and its continued Existence.

Since you asked.

But there's more.

You see, Mr. Knight, I've given my Life to developing the scientific
basis for the understanding of "prejudice".

I've been sharing, as gently as I can [given the 'heat' of the stuff
being discussed in 'this  thread] the 'big-picture' with respect to
what the proven Neuroscience experimental results disclose about how
"prejudice" happens.

What the Neuroscience experimental results disclose is as I've
explained it.

Folks experience this or that, and because nervous systems encode
'learning' in a way that 'blindly' and automatically converges upon
an abstractly-minimized neural dynamic, thereafter, the nervous
system having encoded such experientially-derived 'learning', tends
to 'cling' to the correlated stuff, not because it constitutes Truth,
but merely be-cause doing so minimizes the abstractly-minimized
neural dynamic.

I've traced this stuff back throughout the course of History.

All War, with all its devastation and all its slaughter,  derives,
not in Truth, but solely in the 'blindly'-automated way in which
nervous systems 'strive' to achieve this 'blind and automatic

>> Mr. Knoght, it's 'hilarious' that you 'think' that you could
>> without all the work done by the folks whom you disparage.
>> Without all of us, working together, any of us would be left
>> struggling not to starve to death.
>> There'd be no 'technology', so we couldn't 'meet' online to
>> ideas.
>> Without all of what you term 'muddy' blood shed, including the
>> of women who 'fought' the wars in its factories, America
>> made it through all the wars it's had to fight [and those it
>> have to fight, but fought anyway].
>> So, you're sittin' there, typing out your anti-this and anti-that
>> ideas, supported, even as you sit there, by the sole virtue of all
>> that 'muddy' stuff that gave-all that you might have the
>> to Live.
>> Your 'blindness' to such is illogical, no?
>> Yup.
>> k. p. collins
>Why don't you take a shot at answering the question, Kenneth, and if
we ever
>find we need psychological help, we'll be sure to put you at the top
of the

The answer to 'the question' is, as above, that

1. no group can survive without the fruits of the labors of others.

Or do you propose to be 'self-sufficient'? Go out, like the Pioneers,
plant a crop that'll get you through the winter? Hunt. Fish. Build
your own home. Etc.

If you did so, successfully, I have to admit that I'd Admire your
substantial Accomplishment.

But, then, you'd not be able to come online because all of the stuff
that akes it possible for you to come online, even the electricity
you use, derives in the Labor of others, among whom are folks who do
not 'fit' your definition of "White Christian Israelites".

So, what would you do?

Have me 'stand-aside' while you take the fruits of these folks Labor,
while denying them the same stuff you 'seek' for yourself as,
presumably, a Citizen of The United States of America?

Can you see that, if such were the case, you'd've made yourself some
sort of 'dictator' who takes upon himself the 'right' to 'interpret'
what's in the Founding Documents as a 'matter-of-convenience', with
respect to his own 'self-interests'?

2. But, as things stand, it's you who is imposing yourself upon me,
and not the other way around, not only because you cross-post your
anti-this and anti-that stuff into bionet.neuroscience where I'm
trying to do the work that I do, but because the stuff you propose
can only foster disunity.

I mean, who is it that you'd 'bar' from receiving the stuff you want
for yourself?

I mean, how is it that you propose that 'you' are 'priviledged' with
respect to the Stuff of This Nation's Founding Documents?

What you've 'proposed' flat-out 'denies' the Existence of those
Founding Documents.

And, so, since I see, clearly that the Founding Documents do Exist,
it's clear that, as a Citizen of The United States of America, I'm
Obligated to take-up the matter with you.

3. It's through the sharing of the fruits of our Labors [which is
what I'm doing with respect to my work in Neuroscience], that the
Citizenry is able to lift itself up toward progress as a unified

>But in the interim, which might be a long time (so don't hold your
>let's get back to the question at hand:
>> >Why should you want to force yourself on White Christian
Israelites who
>> >don't want to have anything to do with you?

It's not as you say.

It's you who's 'forcing' yourself upon me.

It's you who's 'interpreting' the Founding Documents, in a
'convenient' way, with respect to yourself, and which, simultaneously
'denies' me the stuff that you propose to receive yourself.

>Why is it that the same people who "think" n[...] have been
>against, who sympathize with them so heartily, aren't knocking the
>down to get into Africa?  Why do they have to force themselves into
my and
>my fellow White Christian Israelite's industries, and churches, and
>communities, and children, and private clubs, and well-functioning
>institutions and schools?

For all the same reasons that underpinned the Founders convergence
upon the stuff of The Declaration of Independence of The United
States of America, and The Constitution of The United States of

Implicit within doing 'industry' within The United States of America
is doing so in accord with the stuff in the Documents upon which This
Nation was founded.

The 'industry' isn't yours, and it isn't White Christian Israelite's.

Anything in America exists as a function of the stuff that's in the
Founding Documents.

If folks diverge from such, as has been the case in the 'scandals'
that've wracked 'corporate'-America in the recent past, to the degree
that folks diverge from such, The United States of America, itself,
ceases to have any Existence.

It's all just that serious, Mr. Knight.

And, if its the case that you 'disagree', to the degree of of your
disagreement, you 'deny' the very Existence of This Nation, so, if
such is the case, then it's for you to 'leave', rather than those who
Honor the stuff which underpins the Existence of This Nation, isn't

Not that I'm suggesting such. I'd much rather have your 'passion'
working in the Spirit upon which This Nation was Founded - what good
your strong heart could do!

As things stand, what you propose was addressed by Lincoln: ~"You
work, and I'll eat."

Or is it the case that you 'think' that all the folks who receive
support from Taxpayers' money are 'wanting' to be dependent upon
receiving such?

That's not it.

What's entailed is as I discussed it in my previous posts - take all
away from folks, and folks' nervous systems tend to 'cling' to the
'having-everything-taken-away' experience - even though such 'hurts'.

>Don't you realize that you do nothing but screw it up for all of us?

It's anything that fosters disunity that undermines America, not
folks' insistance that America be True to the stuff that underpins
America's Existence.

> When
>you wreck an industry like the semiconductor industry by insisting
that we
>hire IDIOTS, which then pushes all the semiconductor (and then
>and then auto and heavy industrial) industries off-shore, ALL

Please provide an example of any industry that hires incapable folks.

The thing that you seem to be 'missing' is that it's through
experience that folks realize the capabilities which are right-there,
within themselves.

Absent such experience, how can a person manifest their capabilities.

So, what you're saying is that just because a person lacks
experience, the person is 'incapable' [the person is an "IDIOT"].

Such doesn't compute.

But I'll await your 'examples' of "IDIOTS" being hired by industry.

I'm not 'blind', Mr. Knight. I've seen with my own eyes folks being
hired-on by this or that company, and, then, not carrying their load.
I've seen the costs, inherent.

But the problems that underpin such are the problems that I've been
addressing in my posts to you.

They all derive in the way nervous systems 'glom-onto' the stuff of
one's experience, so, if we leave our Youth uneducated - if we allow
our Youth to become familiar with 'sleazing'-by, 'partying',
'denying' the need to produce through their own labor, etc., then
it's us who "sow the seeds of our own wearing of chains" [paraphrase
Lincoln], isn't it?


>So dispense with the ad hominems and character assassination

I've done none of such. All I've done is point out to you that your
'arguments' don't hold-water.

And it's 'funny' to me that you'd say the stuff you say without
sustaining your arguments.

[It's not really 'funny'. It's Sorrowful. But it's =hard= to
work-through stuff like that which you bring-up. IIf I didn't
'laugh', I'd Weep. So I 'laugh'.]

>for just a few
>seconds and just answer the question: why do you force yourselves on
>White Christian Israelite Race?

There is no such thing as the "White Christian Israelite Race".

There's just the Human Race - Homo [not-so] Sapiens.

Jesus wasn't "white". The Christ wasn't "white". How can there be
'christianity' that's 'dependent-upon' 'being-white'?

>What's the attraction?

It's not an "attraction". It's an Obligation, itself, deriving in the
stuff upon which America was Founded, which you'd 'toss-out'
'because' you've, obviously, been hurt a lot by folks who've,
themselves, 'forgotten' all that The United States of America is.

I'll stand with you, against such hurtful stuff, but I can only
stand-with-you to the degree that your actions, themselves, adhere to
the stuff that underpins the Existence of The United States of

>Why are morons like Joni so glad that she thinks "the party is over"
for the
>White Race?

Anyone who 'denies' the stuff upon which America is Founded is 'just'

The words you use, Mr. Knight, do contain a lot of 'heat', it's easy
to see that, in doing so, you 'push' folks 'over-the-edge'.

I encourage you to gather your 'passion', and, find within such, the
stuff which lifts folks up, rather than 'casts-them-out'.

There's Suffering all around.

There're folks, all around, who are 'lost' - 'beaten-down' by their
hard experience.

If you understand such, then why not turn your considerable-energies
toward that which precipitates all the Suffering in our midst?

Cheers, k. p. collins

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