brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Mon Sep 2 23:07:22 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>> Of course CEO isn't the only corporate office of note.  Fortune has a
>> list of the top 50 women in business, and the nincompoop will be
>> disheartened to know that some of the countries he admires for their
>> sexism are also including women at the top.
>What makes you think that these countries would make the same MISTAKE we

I merely reported what is on record in the Fortune article.

>Do you realize what's happened to confidence in the stock market since these
>women were named to these positions?

It went up.

Most of those women have been in their high positions since well
before 2001.  Galia Maor, the Israeli lady, has been CEO of her
company since 1995.  For all the market has dropped, it is still quite
a bit higher than in 1995.

The Turkish lady, Imre Barmanbek, publishes newspapers, does a chunk
of tourism, and manufactures ball bearings, not exactly the sorts of
businesses that are doing a nosedive.

One of the Japanese ladies runs the largest magazine publisher in
Japan, and has been in charge since 1987.  The other started her
company back in the early 70s, and does almost a billion a year in
revenues providing temp workers for industry.

A Polish lady runs the largest publisher in central Europe, a business
she started when Poland dumped communism.  A British lady has run the
largest private health insurer in Britain since 1996.  Maureen
Kempston Darkes has run General Motors Canada since 1994; it did $27
billion in business last year.  Ho Ching's Singapore Technologies is
one of the largest defense contractors in Singapore.  

Marjorie Scardino, ranked number 1 among international businesswomen
by Fortune, has been CEO of Pearson, the British company that
publishes The Economist and The Financial Times for 5 years.  No 2,
Anne Lauvergeon, runs Areva, the French nuclear power conglomerate
which is the largest in the Western world.

Oh, and we mustn't forget Oprah, #3 businesswoman in the US, who runs
her corporation and went from dirt poor to being a billionaire.  She
of course is black as well as being a woman.  She is obviously smarter
than you though.

>What would you do if you wanted to destroy confidence in those key
>industries, decimate almost all the remaining savings "invested" in the
>stock market, completely undermine American industries, and do it with
>nobody looking?

Listen to YOU, nincompoop.

>Even after it's been explained to you numerous times, you obviously still
>comprehend nothing about anybody's contribution to this economy or nation,
>about anyone's children, or any other personal insult or LIE you feel
>compelled to propagate, lojbab, so quit looking for an excuse to change the

YOU, the champion subject changer of all time, accuse ME of changing
the subject when I point out that yet another of your silly side
topics has proven to be an embarrassment to you given your copious

>If anyone needs a financial adviser, you're literally the last person on the
>list who'll be contacted.

I daresay you would have even fewer clients, if they've read the
nonsense you've posted on the net.  (Meanwhile, I actually helped only
person I gave financial advice to in the last year make a substantial
profit despite the drop in the market.)


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