brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Tue Sep 3 08:25:55 EST 2002

I was discussing Geo-Politics, not the dynamics of circumstantial
male-female disengenuousness.

But, since you've brought it up, there're folks, both male and
female, who'll mistreat others - of course.

My view on all of this is that it reflects exceedingly-tragic
dynamics that're passed down intergenerationally. Folks 'complain'
about this or that, when it's actually what they 'sought-out' - not
entirely, but at least in part, because they're 'sub-consciously'
wanting to recreate their birth-Family's familiar stuff.

You know - folks call it 'chemistry', when it's just what, in the
work I do, is referred to as 'blindly'-automated "TD
E/I-minimization", that activates the biological reward mechanisms -
so it, literally, 'feels good' because all the interactive 'tools'
that one acquired as a Child are 'going to be real useful'.

It's why some men [women] will just not get-involved with any woman
[man] who'll actually treat them with respect - "no chemistry", which
really means that she [he] doesn't co-operate in the old,
long-familiar stuff that the guy [gal]acquired as a Child - no
biological reward.

It's all so exceedingly-tragic - self-perpetuating

Since you brought it up, that's what you're talking about.

Get a Life!

Take yourself to task with respect to what it is that you 'look-for'
in a woman.

The 'secret' is, that, if your heart is determined, and the woman's
heart is determined, all you have to do is interact in the
steadfast-siprit of that, and as you do, all the old, long-familiar
stuff that would, otherwise, send 'love' [the 'chemical' kind] down
the tubes, is displaced, and that which the two of you determined to
happen, just happens. [It's not 'easy', and it takes years because
you've got to let the old-stuff 'die', and construct new-stuff, and
the 'stuff' is the real stuff through which nervous systems encode
'learning', and nervous systems do such microscopic-bit, by
microscopic bit, which is why your 'determination' needs to be
Steadfast. But that's all it takes - times two.]

It helps if [a lot] you both understand the underpinning nervous
system dynamics. [I have aan old hypertext 'book' that explains it
all. Runs under [ms]DOS and Windowd. About 350K as an attachment.
I'll be happy to send it to you, if you want it. Msg privately.]

Anyway, it's like this: If a guy goes around wearing a sign that
says, "Treat me as if I'm an ATM, then that's likely to be what

So, don't 'complain' when it does.

You've got Free Will.

Use it, or lose it :-]

Anyway, don't post anything more to me that 'trashes' other folks.

It's flat-out inexcusable that you impose my name within such.

k. p. collins

raugust at wrote in message ...
>Dear Mr. Collins,
>"It has very-little to do with 'money', and a lot to do with
>abuse-of-'power', and the long-term ramifications of such, because
of the
>'blindly'-automated way nervous systems process information."
>"Kenneth Collins" <k.p.collins at> wrote in message
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>> You asked about "confidence".
>> I addressed your question.
>> It has very-little to do with 'money', and a lot to do with
>> abuse-of-'power', and the long-term ramifications of such, because
>> the 'blindly'-automated way nervous systems process information.
>> I stand on what I posted.
>> K. P. Collins
>> John Knight wrote in message ...
>> >[...]

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