brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >When our Christian Founding Forefathers rebelled against King George
> >of the high tax rate, the taxes were 1 1/2%, and they considered a
> >against such a high tax to be justified.
> >
> >They threw the "Boston Tea Party" and went to war against the greatest
> >on Earth because of a 1 1/2% tax.
> >
> >What do you think their reaction would be if they found out that WE,
> >ourselves (with a little help from you STUPID jews), now have a 43% tax
> >rate?
> The rallying cry of the time was "Taxation without representation is
> tryanny!"  No doubt, the founders would think we are very foolish to
> allow ourselves to be taxed at so high a rate, but they would note
> that we keep electing people (by and large Christian people, it is
> worth noting -- no Jew has ever been President of the United States
> and few have been elected to congress) who tax us at those rates, and
> we're within our rights to elect to be taxed.

Most of the people who're voting to increase taxes aren't the ones paying
the taxes, so "taxation without representation" is far, far worse now than
it was under King George

Your point about jews is correct, except you ignore that jews are 10% of our
politicians (meaning that they're over-represented by 5 fold and 80% should
be removed to get back to "equality") and 50% of our "judges" (which would
require a 96% reduction to achieve "equality").

It's these "judges" who implemented "affirmative action" through the
judiciary to force employers like me to hire idiot niggers and women so
competent White men could be fired.  What goes around comes around.

> Not that your response had anything to do with the fact that
> Christianity teaches that to rebel against a secular government is to
> rebel against God, and the Founders rejected that belief.

The last person we need to tell us what "Christianity teaches" is a jew.
The last jew who needs to tell us is you.

Don't even try, because you're so far off target that we can't even see you.

> >There's no way for a "meeting of the minds", Holzman.
> Since I'm the only one of us bringing a mind to the table, this comes
> to me as no revelation, John.
> >You jews are a completely pathetic breed of losers and beggars and
> Amusingly enough, you're the one doing all the whining in this thread.
> I'm just quite amusedly pointing out how full of shit you are, and how
> desperate to place responsibility for your own failings anywhere
> except where it belongs.

We're getting there, Holzman.  One step at a time.

John Knight

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