brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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To be precise, at least 95% of federal income taxes are paid by the 26% of the population who are White men over the age of 18, whereas women as a group get back $100 billion more in tax "credits" and "earned income credit" than they pay to the IRS in the first place 

Each year, Blacks consume more than $800 billion per year in social transfer payments than they contribute to GDP, and Hispanics [read: Mexicans] consume another $200 billion more than they contribute 

Since jews demanded in 1957 that the Census Bureau quit including jews as a separate race in the official figures, we really don't have any way to determine the negative contribution of jews, but considering their brain size, it's probably bigger than all of the above figures, combined.  Read:  jewish men have slightly smaller brains than White women 

The way our Founding Forefathers wrote the original US Constitution was perfect--only the taxpayers voted.  With women being net non-contributors to the federal tax base, they shouldn't be voting.  With Blacks and Mexicans and Indians consuming even more of federal spending than women (which of course includes the Black women who get 95% of these social transfer payments to Blacks), they shouldn't be voting.  With jews being agents of an enemy foreign power, holding two citizenships in violation of the US Constitution, and in the opinion of 75% of Americans being directly or indirectly responsible for 911, they shouldn't be voting.

Would you agree that's the only way to eliminate "taxation without representation"?

This question is not for people like p. k. collins, who obviously aren't following this line of reasoning very well.  It's only for people who're serious about eliminating the fundamental injustice that got us where we are now, and who have the ability to reason it through.  Spammers like Joni and shallow dunce need not apply.



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  Dear John,

  Ahhh, but John, this is TAXATION WITH REPRESENTATION!  The rebellion against King George was against TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

  Never mind that the British Tea and Stamp Taxes were "only" a measly 1.5%, and that today's current tax structure runs in the "low" 43% range.  We have representation in Washington, DC to fight for our rights, don't we??  (snicker snicker, snort snort)  After all, our elected officials are out there writing big juicy laws for our protection, aren't they??  (snicker snicker guffaw chortle)  It's too bad that we poor, snivelling, carcase-eating buzzards haven't got a clue as to what they really do to us, putting DDT in our food supply and all that, and then shipping our taxidermied skins off to Israel.  But, really, can our poor, dead cadavers pay taxes to some foreign power??

  This is all the more reason to become a monk, John.  At least the $250.00 or so per month stipend is tax-free.  Besides that, it means we won't penetrate some welfare-bilking vulva which can call "911" and have us hauled off to jail every time she has a snit-fit.  Really, I urge Christian Men on these forae to consider a Monastic Vocation, even if only to retreat to a Monastery for a while.  The experience is very refreshing and enlightening.  It sure beats some whiny woman, anyway.  But please, if you do go, go to serve God, and you'll really go for the right reason.


  Richard C. August  
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  > > >
  > > >This essay is not an attempt to convince non-believers that God's Word,
  > > >the Bible, is the ultimate source of truth and righteous power by which
  > > >all legitimate government authority on earth has been established.
  > >
  > > How unAmerican a sentiment.  All legitimate government authority
  > > derives from the consent of the governed, just like it says in the
  > > Declaration of Independance.
  > >
  > "Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction
  > that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country
  > when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep
  > forever"{Thomas Jefferson}
  > > >In these matters, the State has no
  > > >authority and should not interfere. God teaches us that lawful taxation
  > > >by "His servant and minister of justice" (the State), is "to do us good",
  > > >and is a proper function of civil government.
  > >
  > > This is nothing less than a slap in the face of our Founding Fathers,
  > > who rebelled against the British Crown over matters of taxation.
  > >
  > It's truly amazing how different the jewish mind and the Christian mind
  > "work".
  > When our Christian Founding Forefathers rebelled against King George because
  > of the high tax rate, the taxes were 1 1/2%, and they considered a rebellion
  > against such a high tax to be justified.
  > They threw the "Boston Tea Party" and went to war against the greatest power
  > on Earth because of a 1 1/2% tax.
  > What do you think their reaction would be if they found out that WE,
  > ourselves (with a little help from you STUPID jews), now have a 43% tax
  > rate?
  > If anything, the least they would believe is that our "own" tax rate was 28
  > times as egregious, worthy of 28 times as much rebellion, 28 times more
  > treacherous.
  > There's no way for a "meeting of the minds", Holzman.  You jews are a
  > completely pathetic breed of losers and beggars and whiners.  Your precious
  > "jews" in "Israel" would be Muslim lunchmeat tomorrow if we cut the money
  > pipeline to Jerusalem today.  You're the biggest welfare scammers in world
  > history.
  > John Knight
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