brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> I was discussing Geo-Politics, not the dynamics of circumstantial
> male-female disengenuousness.
> But, since you've brought it up, there're folks, both male and
> female, who'll mistreat others - of course.
> My view on all of this is that it reflects exceedingly-tragic
> dynamics that're passed down intergenerationally. Folks 'complain'
> about this or that, when it's actually what they 'sought-out' - not
> entirely, but at least in part, because they're 'sub-consciously'
> wanting to recreate their birth-Family's familiar stuff.
> You know - folks call it 'chemistry', when it's just what, in the
> work I do, is referred to as 'blindly'-automated "TD
> E/I-minimization", that activates the biological reward mechanisms -
> so it, literally, 'feels good' because all the interactive 'tools'
> that one acquired as a Child are 'going to be real useful'.
> It's why some men [women] will just not get-involved with any woman
> [man] who'll actually treat them with respect - "no chemistry", which
> really means that she [he] doesn't co-operate in the old,
> long-familiar stuff that the guy [gal]acquired as a Child - no
> biological reward.
> It's all so exceedingly-tragic - self-perpetuating
> can't-make-it-work-ness.
> Since you brought it up, that's what you're talking about.
> Get a Life!
> Take yourself to task with respect to what it is that you 'look-for'
> in a woman.
> The 'secret' is, that, if your heart is determined, and the woman's
> heart is determined, all you have to do is interact in the
> steadfast-siprit of that, and as you do, all the old, long-familiar
> stuff that would, otherwise, send 'love' [the 'chemical' kind] down
> the tubes, is displaced, and that which the two of you determined to
> happen, just happens. [It's not 'easy', and it takes years because
> you've got to let the old-stuff 'die', and construct new-stuff, and
> the 'stuff' is the real stuff through which nervous systems encode
> 'learning', and nervous systems do such microscopic-bit, by
> microscopic bit, which is why your 'determination' needs to be
> Steadfast. But that's all it takes - times two.]
> It helps if [a lot] you both understand the underpinning nervous
> system dynamics. [I have aan old hypertext 'book' that explains it
> all. Runs under [ms]DOS and Windowd. About 350K as an attachment.
> I'll be happy to send it to you, if you want it. Msg privately.]
> Anyway, it's like this: If a guy goes around wearing a sign that
> says, "Treat me as if I'm an ATM, then that's likely to be what
> happens.
> So, don't 'complain' when it does.
> You've got Free Will.
> Use it, or lose it :-]
> Anyway, don't post anything more to me that 'trashes' other folks.
> It's flat-out inexcusable that you impose my name within such.
> k. p. collins

What, exactly, are you accusing Mr. August of doing, that you didn't do on
your own?

John Knight

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