brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Cary Kittrell cary at
Tue Sep 3 12:24:30 EST 2002

In article <tLsc9.38285$Ic7.2592590 at> "John Knight" <jwknight at> writes:
<Why are we continually in such a state of amorality.  Because of jews.
<Because we let jews into the country.  Because we finally let them become
<teachers, and "judges" and "justices" and "doctors" and media magnates.
<What have we gained from it?  The destruction of the USS Liberty, the King
<David Hotel, the Lavon Affair, and a big hole in the ground in Manhattan.
<You can argue until you're blue in the fact that we aren't a Christian
<nation, but that doesn't change the facts one teeny wheeny bit--we are a
<Christian nation.  The US Constitution is based on Christian, not Talmudic,
<principles.  86-95% of the population are Christians.
<And when we decided to boot the jews out, we did it as a--Christian nation.

"We" did, white boy?  Really?  Did I blink?  Did we evict them for
five milliseconds, then have heartfelt second thoughts?

Silly little "man".

-- cary

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