brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >Most of the people who're voting to increase taxes aren't the ones paying
> >the taxes, so "taxation without representation" is far, far worse now
> >it was under King George
> I think you meant to cite, but
> in any event, I debunked your book-cooking years ago.  You vote and
> you pay taxes.  You are not taxed without representation.

You "debunked" nothing.  All you did was prove you didn't, don't, and never
will comprehend the simple point.

"Holzman, party of one, your table is ready".


> >Your point about jews is correct, except you ignore that jews are 10% of
> >politicians (meaning that they're over-represented by 5 fold and 80%
> >be removed to get back to "equality") and 50% of our "judges" (which
> >require a 96% reduction to achieve "equality").
> You'll have to take that up with the mostly Christian population that
> elects and appoints them.


That's why the latest poll shows that 89% want to exile you jews. The
Christian population is taking action, as we speak.  All your jew whining
about 911 and nasty A-RABS won't hold us back from resolving the problem for
one second

Of course you don't believe this poll.  But you also didn't believe our poll
which showed that 66% wanted to end affirmative action.  And even after aa
was banned by 66% of the voters in California who voted for Prop 209, you
still didn't believe that aa was over, did you?  Not even nigger judge
Thelton Henderson believed it when he whined "the people of California
didn't know what they were voting for" as he committed TREASON and attempted
to overthrow this legitimate public mandate to end aa.

You just can't imagine how much people disagree with you jews, Holzman. You
just can't even imagine how many of them disagree.  But I can guarandam.tee
you that not even niggers agree with you jews anymore.  Your party's over.

Forget the table of one.

John Knight

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