brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Tue Sep 3 14:22:59 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>Only communists think that government is all-powerful like this.  Our
>Christian Founding Forefathers envisioned a SMALL central government, and it
>was small, right up until the 19th Amendment was passed.

You apparently never heard of the Civil War, when central government
first started to become large, and the Reconstruction thereafter,
wherein the central government took over and thoroughly ran a dozen
states.  That is when government "started" to grow; it is also when
"the United States" changed from being a plural noun to a singular
one.  The two are probably related.

US industry was almost completely nationalized during WW I, which was
before the 19th amendment (which BTW was passed by the entirely male
legislators who were elected by the almost entirely male electorate).

>Japanese citizens put 25-33 cents of every wage "dollar" in the bank

The Japanese economy is moribund.

>because their cost of government is less than 20 cents of each wage dollar.

The cost of their government is far higher, but they are engaging in
deficit spending in truly awesome proportions, since taxes only cover
70% of expenses.  Meanwhile, they have negligible military costs.
Their national debt is roughly the same 55% of GNP that ours is, but
our budget was balanced before Bush.

>mainly why they're now able to make just about every consumer product we
>consume, while we can't even make our own shoes.

More recently it has been Korea, China and other countries that make
most of our consumer goods.  Japanese workers are too expensive, just
as our workers are.

>Defense spending is only 3% of GDP, but here you are making the claim that
>it controls our economy?

Closer to 4%, but since government is only 20% of GNP, defense
spending is 20% of government spending.

>You're a communist.

You're a nincompoop (who incidentally has no idea what the word
"communist" means, except that it is a convenient new name to call
your opponents).

>The combined loss SO FAR to just 5 female CEOs is $210 billion

Didn't you just say that $300 billion in defense spending is hardly

>The difference between defense dollars and pure enterprise dollars is that
>we know there's no ROI on defense spending

I dunno.  Those American defense contractors are making plenty of

>Why don't you quit handing out advice and start thinking about the issues?

Why don't you quick posting and start thinking period?

Probably because it is beyond your capability.


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