brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<> >Most of the people who're voting to increase taxes aren't the ones paying
<> >the taxes, so "taxation without representation" is far, far worse now
<> >it was under King George
<> I think you meant to cite, but
<> in any event, I debunked your book-cooking years ago.  You vote and
<> you pay taxes.  You are not taxed without representation.
<You "debunked" nothing.  All you did was prove you didn't, don't, and never
<will comprehend the simple point.
<"Holzman, party of one, your table is ready".
<> >Your point about jews is correct, except you ignore that jews are 10% of
<> >politicians (meaning that they're over-represented by 5 fold and 80%
<> >be removed to get back to "equality") and 50% of our "judges" (which
<> >require a 96% reduction to achieve "equality").
<> You'll have to take that up with the mostly Christian population that
<> elects and appoints them.
<That's why the latest poll shows that 89% want to exile you jews. The
<Christian population is taking action, as we speak.  All your jew whining
<about 911 and nasty A-RABS won't hold us back from resolving the problem for
<one second

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah <yawn>.  You've been saying Real Soon Now, been
snivelling about Just Wait, You'll See, Boy <sniff> for years now. 

Tell you what John:  the day you and your band of imaginary playmates 
exile the Jews from America, I'll give you a thousand bucks.  You give me 
one dollar a day til then.


-- cary

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