brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >You "debunked" nothing.  All you did was prove you didn't, don't, and
> >will comprehend the simple point.
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> >"Holzman, party of one, your table is ready".
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> >Remember?
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> The post you cite refers to one from you to me regarding Affirmative
> Action.  (It's worth noting that you asked then, on 30 October 1997
> how long AA would survive after California's Prop. 209.  THe answer
> would appear to be 5 years and going strong...)
> In any event, it doesn't address my debunking of your fraudulent
> claims that men pay "more than 100%"[sic] of taxes.

You debunked nothing.

All you did was the typical jewish tapdance, complete with the little [sic]
there to prove how utterly STUPID you jews are, all of which proved nothing.

To be specific, total IRS tax revenues for 1998 were $952,887,000, but
$124,289,000 of it was "paid back" [even though they didn't "pay in" in the
firsts place] to women through "tax credits" and the "earned income credit",
leaving a net revenue of $828,597,000.

Who paid that $952,887,000?  Men.  What actually was collected?
$828,597,000.  Where did the other $124,289,000 go?  Women.  What
*percentage* of federal taxes did men pay?


How do you calcluate that?  You divide the ACTUAL amount paid of
$952,887,000 by the TOTAL net amount collected of $828,597,000, to get

[sic] yourself.

> Do you pull these out at random, hope that that people won't check
> your reference, or is it actually clinical schizophrenia that leads
> you to respond with cites that have nothing to do with the topic at
> hand?

Most men understand precisely.  Only jews don't.

Actually, NONE of the jews and feminazis do, and many of the normal women

> >That's why the latest poll shows that 89% want to exile you jews. The
> >Christian population is taking action, as we speak.  All your jew whining
> >about 911 and nasty A-RABS won't hold us back from resolving the problem
> >one second
> 89% of those taking the poll at your web site?  Was that you and 88%
> of the voices in your head, or you did you tabulate everyone
> responding to your poll as chosing the answer you wanted, as you did
> with the Manifesto itself?

That's out of almost 2,000 respondents so far (less the jews who tried to
spam the poll, that is).

> >Of course you don't believe this poll.  But you also didn't believe our
> >which showed that 66% wanted to end affirmative action.  And even after
> >was banned by 66% of the voters in California who voted for Prop 209, you
> >still didn't believe that aa was over, did you?
> I've got no problem believing that 66% of California, or even 66% of
> the USA wants to end affirmative action.  That doesn't lead to a
> conclusion that it's over.  Given that AA is still going strong,
> it would appear I'm justified in that belief.

On a silver platter, every citizen of this nation has been handed the moral,
legal, constitutional, religious, and ethical right to refuse to engage in
this amoral practice, so anyone who continues to engage in it has only
himself to blame.

John Knight

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