brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > Stonehenge existed many centuries before the Druids, John, and the
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> > > your drivel makes no sense, either.
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> > We have not the slightest idea how long Stonehenge has been there, Joe.
> Unlike your made up drivel, the history of stonehenge is well established.
> The earth ring began just before 3000 BC, at about 3050BC and was not
> complete until well after 3000 BC. A timber ring was added within the
> earthworks between 2900 BC and 2600 BC At the completion of the timber
> a temporary bluestone double crescent was laid, but later dismanteled. The
> version of stonehenge, the remains of which we see today was gradually
> constructed over a period of time between 2500 bc and 1500 bc. It is
> the best documented archaeological site in the world.
> Joe


If there were two people on the planet 5,000 years ago, there could have
been no less than 6 billion by 3,500 years ago.  If all but 2 people were
wiped out by 3,500 years ago, then there would have been 6 billion by 2,000
years ago. If all but 2 people were wiped out again 2,000 years ago, there
would have been another 6 billion 500 years ago.

There are only 6 billion now.

How do you explain this?

This is using the lowest population growth estimates possible, including
world wars, massive cancer and AIDS death rates, legalized abortion on a
grand and unprecedented scale, and the "birth control pill".

Without birth control and abortion, but WITH murdering each other by the
tens of millions, African populations grow 3 to 10 times faster than that.
At their rate of growth, following the above scenario, there would have been
6 billion people by 4,200 years ago, another 6 billion by 3,400 years ago,
another 6 billion by 2,600 years ago, another 6 billion by 1,800 years ago,
another 6 billion by 1,000 years ago, and another 6 billion 200 years ago.

That's 6 Great Floods, or complete and total nuclear holocaust 6 times over.

How could Stonehenge have been built by *people* 5,000 years ago?

John Knight

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