brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Tue Sep 3 22:02:17 EST 2002

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John Knight <jwknight at> wrote:
>To be specific, total IRS tax revenues for 1998 were $952,887,000, but
>$124,289,000 of it was "paid back" [even though they didn't "pay in" in the
>firsts place] to women through "tax credits" and the "earned income credit",
>leaving a net revenue of $828,597,000.

John's handwaving relies on you buying into the assumption that all
women receive the EIC.  The truth is, you have to have children to
even be eligible for it.  I'm sure it's a trivial exercise for any
female reader, or male reader who filed a joint tax return, to review
how much taxes they paid in 1988 based on female income.  I know I
paid money based on what my ex-wife earned.

>Most men understand precisely.  Only jews don't.
>Actually, NONE of the jews and feminazis do, and many of the normal women

This must be what the voices tell you.

>> 89% of those taking the poll at your web site?  Was that you and 88%
>> of the voices in your head, or you did you tabulate everyone
>> responding to your poll as chosing the answer you wanted, as you did
>> with the Manifesto itself?
>That's out of almost 2,000 respondents so far (less the jews who tried to
>spam the poll, that is).

Let me guess -- if you thought someone was Jewish, you discounted
their vote.  Yeah, between that and the link between your page's visit
counter and the tabulation, I see where you get your numbers.

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