This used to be a fine newsgroup...................

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Wed Sep 4 00:50:35 EST 2002

I Apologize, Brian.

I've got 11 days left online, so I'll be through with it then.

[It's 'funny', though, the 'cross-posting' ceased when I 'logged-off'
a month ago because I wasn't sure I was going to stay-out-of-jail.
After I came back, the 'cross-posting' started again. "I hate it when
that happens."]

FWIW, I've been working with the 'cross-posted' stuff as
'raw-material', in an effort to come at NDT's stuff from a 'new'
perspective, in the hope that doing so would give folks additional

There's 'value' in-it, because behavior derives in the biology, as a
'blindly'-automated by-product of TD E/I-minimization.

If you 'wonder', yes, it is 'heart'-breaking, "looking under such
'stones'", because I understand the ramifications of my doing so -
goes against 'the way things are supposed to be' in Science, for me,
particularly right 'now' :-[

But it's important-to-understand stuff.

Which, beyond the attack on Marie Curie, is why I've taken it up.

There's valuable stuff "under every 'stone'", right-there for the

ken collins


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