"Is there an echo in here?"

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"All Living Things Think, No Matter How Teensy", By ANN FINKBEINER


"In this meta-model, called an energy surface, a right answer becomes an energy minimum, or a valley at the bottom of a hill."

"So for now, the decision between a delightful possibility and not-even-wrong awaits the scientists."

[Quotes Copyright 2002, by The New York Times.]

"Is there an echo in here?" :-]

NDT is not 'vulnerable' to the "not-even-wrong"-ness of the last quote, because everything in NDT reduces directly to the proven Neuroscience experimental results.

As in the "oscillations" discussion, and as in Keiko's experientially-derived Human-seeking, and as in any non-trivial, replicable,  Neuroscience experimental result that folks want to put to NDT as a 'test'.

I'm 'banned' because no one wants to get-involved in the 'testing' :-]

"Oh well."

k. p. collins

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