brain sizes: Einstein's and women's and miscegenation

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>It's called:  learning to communicate with the illiterate and
>graduates from the "public schools" with the world's lowest TIMSS
scores, up
>to 84% of whom fell for the jewish LIE that women are equally or
>intelligent than men.
>What have you got against an attempt to communicate with someone?

My Knight, if you're interest was in 'communication', you'd choose to
work in a way that was kind instead of willfully-hurtful.

So, it's obvious that you're interest isn't with respect to

See, Truth is.

The words one chooses to send to the 'language' interface don't,
somehow, 'manufacture' 'truth'.

If Truth is not in-there, folks see Truth's absence.

It's Truth that Communicates, not folks' efforts to 'manufacture

In your always-deliberately-hurtful choice of the words you'll
'externalize' what you Communicate is your 'hatered'.

Then, when folks see such, because it's right-there to See, and they
'move away from' the hurtfulness of the words you've shared with
them, you react, "See, I knew these folks were against me."

When all it's been, all along, is that you're hurting because your
experience is just different from other folks' experience.

The thing to do is to understand that, 'cause, it's through it that
the 'pain' you experience arises.

It's what Jesus was addressing when He taught about "Turning the
other cheek".

If folks hurt you, don't hurt them back. Stand in-there, and
Communicate the stuff of Kindness. Demonstrate that it's possible to
'bridge' the stuff that 'scatters the flock'.

Instead, you choose to be 'the wolf', spreading 'hurt' everywhere.

And you do so "in sheep's clothing" when you Falsely proclaim

Look and see, you write Truth, bold, and blame the 'hurt' you
experience on Fa;seness, when it's 'just' the stuff of the Truth
you've Communicated, and in which you immerse yourself.

I understand the words I choose to share with you are 'difficult'.

I mean no offense.

I mean just the opposite.

k. p. collins


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