brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Wed Sep 4 15:00:37 EST 2002

<raugust at> wrote:
>You know you paid money out to the US IRS based on what your ex-wife earned.

No.  His household (which included his wife - presumably not then his
EX) paid money out to the IRS.

>Hallelujah.  Maybe we're getting somewhere with you, sir.  You paid money to
>the Fed based on what your EX-wife earned, which means you SPENT the money
>you both could have SAVED - on HER and HER child!!!

It might help if your sentence made a bit of sense.  If extra taxes
were paid on the basis of his wife's income, then it could not have
been saved - it was owed in taxes.  If his wife had not been working,
then no taxes would have been owed, but there would have been much
less money available to spend or to save.  On anyone.  

Your taxes go to support your country, and thus are not spent on your
wife (and her child, who is also your child, not that children are
relevant to the discussion), and since the extra tax money came from
the wife's income, it was SHE that paid the extra taxes.

>You now not only have an ex-wife, you have an ex-bank account, an
>ex-paycheck, and ex-children,

None of this follows from the discussion or from anything you posted.

>How much more
>are YOU going to have to LOSE before you see that feminist "family" law and
>feminist "tax" law have made you an EX-MAN?

You seem to be the only poster in this discussion who has been
emasculated.  The nincompoop of course isn't a man, having chosen to
be subhuman.


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