brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Dan Holzman holzman at
Wed Sep 4 15:26:34 EST 2002

In article <Xpnd9.1564$Lo4.409862 at>,  <raugust at> wrote:
>Tell me, please, Mr. Holzman, how does your foot taste?  Can you lucidly
>respond with a shoe upper between your jaws, or does trying to talk hurt
>your toes?
>You know you paid money out to the US IRS based on what your ex-wife earned.
>Hallelujah.  Maybe we're getting somewhere with you, sir.  You paid money to
>the Fed based on what your EX-wife earned, which means you SPENT the money
>you both could have SAVED - on HER and HER child!!!

John seems to have confused my history with his own.  Let us examine
his errors.

In 1998, I had a wife, who had an income.  Since we filed joint income
taxes, and I did the paperwork, I (which is to say we) paid taxes on
our income, about a third of which was generated from her income.    I
understand how John could have misunderstood, and I hope this is

In 2002, as I write this, I have an ex-wife.  I paid no money in 2002 to
the fed or anyone else based on her income.   In 2001 and 2000, when I
had a wife from whom I was separeted and filing singly, I paid no
money to the fed or anyone else based on her income.

Since we had no children, I paid no money on this non-existent child,
either.  However, if my now-ex-wife and I had a child, it would have
been OUR child, not HER child.  THe fact that John regards HIS child
as solely HER child tells you -- once again -- everything you need to
know about him and about why a court ruled that he ought not have
custody of the children he sired.

>You now not only have an ex-wife, you have an ex-bank account, an
>ex-paycheck, and ex-children, thanks to the feminist laws in our society.

Happily, my bank account is still mine, and doing quite nicely.  Since
my then-wife and I were grown-ups, we were able to go to divorce mediation,
split up our worldly goods, get a divorce finalized, and go our
separate ways.    Of course, JOhn's own marriage was short one man, so
this wasn't an option.

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