brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<> >"Life [is] fragile"
<> No it isn't.
<> >for the 900 million
<> For someone who below touts that his figures come straight from the
<> UN, you'd think that you would have gotten this figure correct,
<> considering how many times I've shown you it is wrong.
<> > dumber-than-rocks
<> That is YOU, not them.
<> > niggers
<> The only person I've ever know worthy of that appelation is YOU.
<> > in Africa,
<> Well at least you got the continent right.
<> >who've watched White men drive by in Rolls Royces but still haven't =
<> >out how to build their first wheel.  That didn't keep the African =
<> >from exploding seven fold, or 2.6% per year, did it?
<> That is its current rate of growth.  That is not its historical rate
<> of growth.  After all, playing your statistical games, we find that
<> there could have only been 1 person in Africa 800 years ago.  Since
<> know that there was more, the growth rate hasn't been 2.6% per year
<> over that entire period.
<> >There are a number of countries around the world who aren't at all
<> >"advanced" who experienced greater than 5.8% per year increases in =
<> >natural population growth [sans immigration].  At that rate, 2 people =
<> >be 6 billion in only 645 years.  At the rate of growth of the United =
<> >Emirates, it would take only 556 years.
<> Therefore we know that this growth rate is not historically valid.
<> Anyone with common sense (i.e. not YOU), would be able to identify
<> several reasons why the growth rate is not historically valid.  Anyone
<> who has had any serious study of history could tell you several more,
<> and could even find data that shows what the growth rate actually was
<> in historical times.
<> >Your claim that these are "arbitrary population figures"
<> The arbitrariness is your assumption that current population growth
<> has any historical significance.
<> lojbab
<What little jewish "Einstein" [read: PLAGIARIST AND LIAR] whispered in =
<your litte ear that current population growth has no historical =

The little birdie that whispers you can't take babies from now and then
transport them back to then.

<All you have to go on are the rambling writings of some VERY stupid jews =
<who LIE all the time and have FRAUDULENTLY misrepresented everything =
<they've ever touched, up to and including the Holy Bible, who couldn't =
<tell you the time of day, much less which century it is, who "think" =
<Jesus Christ was a jew and Jehudi wasn't.

While you're frothing, mind telling us how the "jews"[sic] arranged for
North America to be so sparsely populated when Europeans arrived,
in spite of those enormous growth rates you go on about and the thousands
of years that Native Americans preceded us by?

<This is like taking a 5 year old child's word for it that there's a 6 =
<foot rat in the closet--except that stories from 5 year old children are =
<usually more credible than stories from full grown "adult" jews like =
<Dirtbag Dirshowitz.  At least 5 year old White children are known to =
<have figured out that sodomy is a sin and a crime, whereas Dirtbag never =

Speaking of that, how are the "jews"[sic] managing to keep the entire
Amazon basin so lightly populated, even though folks have been
living there for many many centuries? 

<If one of these STUPID jews says "the sky is blue", you'd better check =
<real quick to see what color it is (and check your wallet on the way), =
<because even a commonplace assumption like this would be suspect if a =
<jew said it.  It would be the first time many of us knew that a jew told =
<the truth.

Did the "jews"[sic] also somehow arrange to keep the Aboriginal Australian
populations as sparse as they were when the Europeans "discovered" them?

<The populations of Africa aren't exploding because us honkeys helped =
<them with anything.  If anything happened in Africa recently, it was the =
<JEWS Salk and Sabin whose polio "vaccines" spread AIDS all over Africa, =
<which is now killing them at even greater numbers than they've ever been =
<killed, in history.

The Middle Kingdom was awash in cats, millinea ago.  Cats have a
birth rate of several hundred percent per year.  How come we're
not lightyears deep in kitties?

<John Knight

... practicing solipsist.

-- cary

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